The Complete Crossdresser Shaving Guide

For some crossdressers, getting rid of body hair can be a dilemma or even a challenge because it's almost always necessary but not always easy.

Have you ever felt like your body hair was growing back, no matter how often you shaved?

Or, even worse, do your legs and arms often get red, and the skin on the parts you just shaved gets itchy?

Are you new to cross-dressing and wondering how to shave your legs and other body areas to get smooth skin?


Shaving can be a little daunting at first, but you'll get the hang of it with practice.

Whether you're just starting out or have been shaving for years, this guide is here to help you achieve the perfect shave.

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Now, let's jump into this comprehensive shaving guide; the following tips and techniques will get you the best results.


Who Is A Crossdresser

who is a crossdresser

Image: DepositPhotos

A crossdresser is someone who dresses in clothing typically associated with the opposite gender.

For example, a man may dress in women's clothes or a woman may dress in men's clothes.

Crossdressing is not necessarily tied to any particular sexual orientation; a person who crossdresses may be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual.

Some people dress in clothing that is associated with both genders; this is sometimes referred to as "ambigender" or "genderqueer" dressing.

Crossdressing is different from transgenderism, which means changing your gender identity in a more complete and permanent way.

However, some crossdressers do identify as transgender. Crossdressing can be done for various reasons, including self-expression, relaxation, and sexual arousal.

Some people crossdress regularly, while others only do it on occasion. There is no correct way to crossdress; ultimately, each person dresses in a way that feels comfortable and authentic to them.

Difference between transgender and crossdresser

Difference between transgender and crossdresser

Image: Unsplash

Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity or how they act/feel does not match the sex they were given at birth.

For example, a transgender man is someone who was assigned female at birth but identifies and lives as a man.

Crossdressing, on the other hand, is just putting on clothes that are usually worn by the opposite gender.

A crossdresser may or may not identify as transgender. Some crossdressers describe themselves as "transgender", while others prefer the term "crossdresser."

Ultimately, each person chooses the language that feels most comfortable and authentic to them.


Crossdresser Shaving Guide

Crossdresser Shaving Guide

Image: Freepik

Crossdressing shaving can be a little daunting at first, but you'll get the hang of it with practice. So let's get started!


1. Decide What You Want to Shave

The first step in shaving as a cross-dresser is to decide what you want to shave. Do you want to shave your entire body or just certain areas?

Are you looking to achieve a completely smooth look, or are you okay with some stubble? Once you've decided what you want to shave, you can move on to the next step.


2. Choose the Right Razor

The next step is to choose the right razor for the job. If you're looking for a completely smooth shave, you'll want to choose a razor with multiple blades.

However, a single-blade razor will suffice if you're okay with some stubble. It's also important to choose a razor designed for sensitive skin, as this will help avoid irritation.

In the case of touch-ups, electric razors can be helpful.

An electric razor would allow you to cut back on stubble peeping through your makeup if you shaved earlier in the day.

Check out the 7 Best Razors for Transgender Women and Crossdressers


3. Prepare Your Skin

It's important to prepare your skin before you start shaving.

This means cleansing your skin with soap and water to remove any dirt or oil that could clog your razor.

You may also want to use a pre-shave oil or lotion to protect your skin further.


4. Exfoliate Before Start Shaving

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This is important because it will help to ensure that you have a smooth shave.

You can exfoliate your skin using a scrub, loofah, or cloth. Simply massage the exfoliating product into your skin for about 60 seconds before you start shaving.


5. Apply Shaving Gel or Cream

The next step is to apply shaving gel or cream to your skin.

This will help protect your skin while you shave and provide a smooth surface for your razor to glide over. Apply the shaving gel or cream in a thin, even layer.


6. Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth

When you're ready to start shaving, it's important to shave in the direction of hair growth. This will help to avoid irritation and razor burn.

Start by shaving your legs in long, smooth strokes. Then, move on to your arms, chest, and back.

Finally, shave your face in small, circular motions. Ingrown hairs can result from going against the direction of hair growth.


7. Rinse Your Skin

Once you're done shaving, it's important to rinse your skin with warm water. This will help to remove any soap or hair that may be clogging your pores.

You may also want to use a post-shave balm or lotion to soothe your skin.


8. Moisturize Your Skin

After you've finished shaving, it's important to moisturize your skin. This will help to soothe any irritation and restore moisture to your skin.

For the best results, choose a moisturizer designed for sensitive skin.


Avoid common shaving mistakes

Avoid common shaving mistakes

Image: Unsplash

Now that you know how to shave as a crossdresser, let's take a moment to discuss some common mistakes that people make when shaving.

  1. Not exfoliating before shaving. As we mentioned earlier, exfoliation is an important shaving process. This is because it helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. These dead skin cells can clog your razor without exfoliation and cause irritation.
  2. Shaving against the grain. Another common mistake people make when shaving is shaving against the grain. This means shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth. This can cause irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hair.
  3. Don't do shaving first thing in the morning. Many people make the mistake of shaving first thing in the morning. However, this is not the best time to shave. This is because your hair is more likely to be brittle and dry. The hair shaft will be more visible if you wait 20–30 minutes for the skin to tighten.
  4. Not using enough shaving cream. When you're shaving, it's important to use enough shaving cream. This will help to protect your skin and provide a smooth surface for your razor to glide over. Be sure to apply the shaving cream in a thin, even layer.
  5. Shaving dry skin. Another common mistake people make is shaving dry skin. This can cause irritation and razor burn. Be sure to moisturize your skin before you shave to avoid this problem.
  6. Using a dull razor. If you use a dull razor, you're more likely to experience razor burn and irritation. This is because a dull razor can tug at the hair shafts, causing them to break. Be sure to replace your razor blade every 5–7 shaves to avoid this problem.
  7. Using the same razor for every purpose. One mistake that many people make is using the same razor for every purpose. For example, they may use the same razor to shave their legs, arm hair, and face. However, this is not a good idea. This is because the different areas of your body have different shaving needs. For example, your legs may need a different razor than your face.
  8. Using men's razors. Crossdressers should avoid using men's razors. This is because these razors are designed for men's facial hair, which is typically coarser than women's. Men's razors can cause irritation and razor burn. Instead, crossdressers should use razors that are designed for women.

Try using depilatory creams

If you're looking for an alternative to shaving, you may want to try using depilatory creams.

These creams dissolve the hair shaft, making it easy to remove.

Depilatory creams can be used on the legs, arms, chest, and back. However, they should not be used on the face with sensitive skin.

There are several things to keep in mind when using depilatory creams. First, be sure to read the instructions carefully.

This is because some depilatory creams can irritate the skin if they're not used properly. Second, test the cream on a small area of skin before using it on a larger area.

This will help to ensure that you're not allergic to the cream. Finally, moisturize your skin after using the cream to avoid irritation.


Consider body waxing


Image: Freepik

Waxing might be the answer if your body hair grows too quickly and gives you a lot of trouble.

It might hurt a little, so be ready for that, but it's worth it because waxing removes the inner part of your body hair, which makes it grow back much slower.

This is also recommended if you want to keep your legs in a feminine shape for a longer time without being able to shave constantly when traveling as a crossdresser or as a transgender person in general (in this case, hormone replacement therapy can slow the growth of body hair permanently) and for dealing with dysphoria.

Try laser removal for a more permanent solution

laser hair removal

Image: Freepik

It is recommended that you undergo laser hair removal if you want to remove your body hair for good, whether you are openly transitioning from male to female or just want to get rid of your body hair once and for all.

Through a series of laser sessions, the root of your body hair is permanently damaged, making it irreversible.

However, if you are genderfluid or crossdress occasionally, you should not do this, as you may experience another kind of dysphoria.

For more information on laser hair removal:

#1 Rated Effective MTF Transgender Facial and Body Hair Removal at Home

Transgender Hair Removal

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MTF Laser Hair Removal Cost

MTF Laser Hair Removal

Try electrolysis

When it comes to electrolysis for crossdressers, a lot of information needs to be considered.

The electrolysis procedure is one of the most effective permanent hair removal methods. Although it is a slower process, it is highly efficient. Crossdressers can use this method to remove their body hair permanently. 

Electrolysis is not as easy as it sounds. At different points in the process, small shocks of electricity are sent into the hair roots to kill them for good. It takes a lot of patience and time to get through the process.

Many crossdressers need fast results with less painful methods to achieve their goals. It's not popular among them. Many people undergo this process reluctantly because they do not know of better options.

However, for those crossdressers who are willing to put in the time and effort, electrolysis can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The results are permanent, and once the hair is gone, it's gone for good.

We posted a full breakdown of electrolysis hair removal here: Electrolysis Hair Removal - Everything You Need to Know

Additional tips for crossdressers

Here are a few additional tips that may be helpful for crossdressers:

Make sure you exfoliate and shave

If you can shave, the number of opportunities to show off your sexy legs will significantly grow. Scrubbing (also known as exfoliating) your legs once or twice per week is the recommended method for removing dead skin cells. Many different types of exfoliators are available for purchase, but a simple bar of soap and a pumice stone will do the trick. Always do an exfoliation before beginning the shaving process.

Suppose shaving is not your preferred technique of hair removal. In that case, you might want to think about waxing or electrolysis, depending on how well those options work with your lifestyle and circumstances.

Always use a razor of high quality, and make sure you shave in the following order:

  • Soak your legs in water for at least a few minutes, preferably in a bath or shower.
  • Spread a very thin coating of shaving cream all over the legs in an even manner.
  • Shave against the direction the hair is growing, and we recommend using a razor with a swivel head.
  • After rinsing the Legs, check to see if there are any areas you may have missed.

Using moisturizer and bronzer

Try to moisturize daily if you want silky legs that you can show off when you dress. At the very least, moisturize right after shaving, which helps stop "shaving rash."

As spring and summer get closer and hemlines get shorter, make sure your legs don't look like they're still in winter by being pale. Many bronzers and self-tanning creams on the market are perfect for a particular day or night out when you just want a hint of healthy color.

Make sure you wear the right pants and skirts

Even if you don't like showing too much skin, there are still ways to show off your sexy legs.

A man's legs can look like beautiful pins with the right pants and skirts. Leggings are a must-have if you want to wear skintight pants.

If your legs are short, wear pants or skirts with a high waist to draw attention to your waist and the length of your legs.

Try a miniskirt if you're not afraid to show as much leg as possible. If you can't shave or have unsightly male blemishes or varicose veins, wear a pair of our nude opaque tights as a base to make your legs look perfect.

You can always look great by adding some sexy stockings or fishnet tights on top.

Sexy boots or shoes are a must

The proper footwear can make or break your look. If you want to elongate your legs, wear a pair of high heels or stilettos. If you're going to show off your calves, try a pair of our thigh-high boots. Try a pair of cute flats or sneakers for a more casual look. Make sure your shoes are comfortable no matter what you choose, so you can dance the night away!


Can I use a depilatory cream on my legs when I'm cross-dressing?

Yes, but you should always test it on a small area first to see how your skin reacts.

Depilatory creams dissolve the hair shaft, so they can be pretty harsh on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to avoid them altogether.

View the KetchBeauty Hair Removal Cream here: Full Body & Face Hair Removal Spray (100 ml)

Can crossdressers use an epilator for the legs?

There's no reason a crossdresser couldn't use an epilator on their legs. It may be a good option for those who want to avoid shaving or waxing.

Crossdressers may also want to use a numbing cream before epilating, as the process can be quite painful.

Is it harmful to shave my legs as a crossdresser?

No, as long as you take the proper precautions. Always use a sharp razor and shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritation.

Crossdressers with sensitive skin may want to avoid shaving altogether and opt for another hair removal method.

Can I use a laser to remove leg hair as a crossdresser?

Yes, but it's important to note that laser hair removal is a permanent solution. Crossdressers should only consider laser hair removal if they're sure they won't want to grow the hair back in the future.





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