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at home laser hair removal

Rachel Brennan:

A Competent Medical Student [At Home Laser Hair Removal Before And After using KetchBeauty IPL]

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Hi everyone! If you don't know me, my name is Rachel. I'm a first year medical student and I also make videos on YouTube 

I am super excited because I'm going to be talking to you guys about at home laser hair removal.

I was super skeptical at first to test this out, just because I wasn't sure if it was actually going to work being the "scientists" that I am.

I did my research and I found actually a lot of peer-reviewed scientific research on home laser hair removal machines, which are usually IPL machines, which are intense pulsed light machines.

The research seemed very promising.

Basically, there was just an overwhelming response that it does work at home to get rid of hair, on certain skin types and certain hair colors, of course, I'll get into all of that.

"But of course, I wanted to test out for myself to see if it actually worked as a hairy Portuguese woman, I understand the struggle."

Now, why at home laser hair removal?

I am a firm believer that you can do whatever you want with your body.

Whether you want to shave or not that's a totally personal choice.

And you absolutely do not have to trust me, you can ask my mom, probably my boyfriend to I've gone months without shaving my legs and I still wear shorts in public and I just really don't care because I've just gotten to a point where I'm just like, you know.

But I was not always like that, to be hairy and Portuguese was probably my biggest insecurity growing up like if I could think if you were to ask me what's the number one thing that you are insecure about as a kid, and then he got picked on when you were a kid it was my hairy arms.

This goes far back! I remember crying in kindergarten about some kid who told me I'd hairy arms.

Like I have such vivid memories all the way up until like grade 11 when the girls were just being mean because I have hairy arms which are so stupid like we're all mammals bro. Chill!

So I started shaving... getting my eyebrows waxed, and everything at a pretty young age especially being a competitive dancer growing up.

That was another thing that just tend to be true contributed to societal standards and I held myself to I was definitely like 10 or something when I started shaving so I was pretty young.

And boy do I wish that I had something like this when I was that young.

I hate shaving, it's the bane of my existence.

I just genuinely don't want to do it. I just don't want to do it. I don't want to shave it takes so long.

You have to do it like every other day, which I never did.

I would do it like once a week and it would take like a full hour.

why at-home laser removal?

I think one of the most popular aspects of it is cost-effectivness.

KetchBeauty was nice enough to send me one of their IPL laser machines for me to try out at home.

And trust me guys when I say I test this bad boy out and I'm going to give you my 100% honest opinion on if it actually works.

But yeah, so this little bad boy is on retails for $179 I believe. And that is pretty much the price of one laser session on a tiny spot.

And you need about like 6 to 10 sometimes so going to a salon costs 1000s like a genuinely cost essence.

I've been to one session from my underarms about five years ago. And I also find it hurts more to which makes sense because they do use a stronger shorter wavelength of light.

And in some cases, the salon results might be more permanent. But that's after spending $1000s and $1000s and $1000s especially if you want to do more than one area like just my underarms would have cost $1000 my legs I don't even know 1000s.

On a little machine like this $150 at home. I mean I think that's just so much more worth it.

Not to mention just the convenience.

I just do it. I just worked it into my Sunday evening care routine. I probably take 20 minutes to do arms, armpits, legs.

I've been testing this bad boy out for a couple of months now.

They [KetchBeauty] say that you want to do about 12 weeks once a week to get full results and of course, you can do more after that but giving it the 12 weeks is like a good amount of time to give it up.

I started to see results like within the first session!

It definitely slowed down a lot of my hair growth. And now after trying it for a couple of months, let's say maybe eight weeks, so not the full 12 yet.

I did film my first impressions when I first tried it. So let's go to that.

I'll show you my beautiful hairy arms, which are nothing to be ashamed about.

I also just feel like I've gotten to a point where I'm removing some of the hair on my body because I want to not because I feel like I'm gonna be made fun of if I don't, or that society says I'm not beautiful if I don't because you are beautiful, no matter what is just a personal choice where I just feel better.

So yeah, let's take a look at where we started.

And then I will show you where we are today and also talk about my final thoughts.

So here is my arm before I have done anything.

This is it oh natural and all of its hairy glory.

I didn't feel anything. It's like I'm, like, literally a 0.05 out of 10 stings. It just gets hot for like a split second.

I was nervous because I have freckles on my arm. 

It's literally not anything like I've had laser hair removal before and this is nothing compared to that pain wise. 

I kept using it for the next four weeks, once a week!

I did definitely gave it a fair shot.

A lot of reviews that I saw for home devices like these, they only filmed the review after like, one week, three weeks, maybe months.

I've been using the KetchBeauty IPL for two months.

So I think I did give it a pretty good fair shot and I to hold off on filming this and making this review so that I could give you guys my 100% honest opinion after a decent amount of time.

But I can tell you that I've been very, very pleasantly surprised by how effective it has been.

Here are my at home laser hair removal results after 8 weeks:

It's not like I'm a hairless alien. And that I have like absolutely no hair on my body, I just pretty much slow down the hair growth of everywhere I have used it, I talk mostly about my arms just because I started this first and this is the one this is where I have used it the most amount of times.

So I would say after 2 months:

  • 100% of the hairs have slowed down.
  • A good 50% of the hair has just like not grown back

which we love to see, which is pretty cool.

And what makes a perfect candidate for something like this is someone who has some contrast.

So for me, I'm lucky because my hair is very dark and the pigment on my skin is fairly light.

So this is able just to target the pigment in the hair follicles and it just laser beams that and then basically kills the bulb.

You want to kill the bulb in the root so that it doesn't grow back.

Another thing that I love about the KetchBeauty one that I have is the price tag.

So it is a lot cheaper especially because they have some really good sales than a lot of other at-home market ones that I have seen and I've scoured the internet.

I'm thinking about doing this for a long time.

So thank you so much to KetchBeauty for this to me because it just made my life so much easier.

But yes, I'm gonna have to recommend this one, this specific IPL. It's like the best bang for your buck that I have found.

I do avoid my tattoo, you definitely don't want to use those aren't tattooed and often it would really remove it because it's not strong enough laser, but I might do some kind of damage for it and it might freak out the pigment a little bit it might but not in a good way.

But yeah overall, I am super happy with my results so far. I'm going to continue using it.

It just makes life so much easier, especially being a med student as you know, I don't have a lot of time and my hair removal routine shaving is like on the lowest priority list of my life right now.

So this makes it so much easier, like so much easier. I'll more update videos regarding my progress in the future. Make sure to subscribe and I will see you next time. Bye. Rachel's channel 

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Victoria Rose - A Woman of Transgender Experience. [At Home Laser Hair Removal Before And After using KetchBeauty IPL]

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Hi everyone, my name is Victoria and I am a 23-year-old woman of transgender experience and post mostly LGBT content on YouTube.

Now, in this article, I wanted to give you all an update on my at-home laser hair removal journey.

I am someone who likes to be hairless pretty much from my eyes down.

I was shaving every day, waxing all the time, and as a woman of transgender experience, I really feel like I had a lot more hair than the average girl.

Even though I transition very young, I would always get razor burn, I will get ingrown hairs and it was just a disaster.

Plus, I would shave my legs like at night or something, and then by the morning, they'd be stumbling again.

I have light skin and very dark hair, and I really needed something a little stronger than a razor.

I have had so many experiences with Salon laser hair removal on my face and on my bikini area and it was just so expensive and inconvenient.

And I was thinking like; girl!, how am I going to be spending the next six years going section by section to this salon paying out.

Thankfully the last few months I have been using the KetchBeauty at home IPL laser hair removal system, and it has done me wonders.

I'll put a picture up right here:

Victoria Rose pre at home laser hair removal

but I have very, very sensitive skin and whenever I would shave, I would always have some kind of razor burn or ingrown hair or some kind of marks because I had so many hairs to shave

I talked about this in my previous laser video. [Watch the video here]

… but even in the middle of summer, I would wear long pants and sweat pants and I wouldn't wear shorts or skirts.

Because I was so insecure about my legs it looked like I had chickenpox or bug bites on my legs even from staying inside all summer long.

Being a woman of transgender experience, I have a very love-hate relationship with hair.

I love the hair in my head, I love my brows, I love my lashes, but I hate my facial hair and I hate my body hair.

I discovered that I was spending a lot more money maintaining the hair I didn't want than maintaining my looks and oh no no Sweetie, we are not doing this in this household.

Plus, in order to have bottom surgery most but not all doctors require you to have some level of permanent hair removal "down there".

And all doctors at least recommend that you have some level of laser hair removal and or electrolysis.

I remember looking for a slot and calling up places and they offered a full Brazilian down there.

But the minute that I would tell them that I was a pre-op trans girl I was not allowed in and I already felt so uncomfortable going in the first place.

Being turned away and even just going, in general, was so uncomfortable.

So that's why it's so nice to do all of this at home now.

After surgery, I was going to book some sessions for my underarms, my legs and I was just getting so frustrated at the amount of time and money that I was spending getting these professional lasers that had minimal results.

I did some looking around for you guys and that is when I found the KetchBeauty at home IPL laser system this is actually their newest one the V 4.1.

I figured if I was going to make an investment into laser hair removal, I should make it be an actual investment that's going to last me a lifetime and just like eliminate the middleman.

With KetchBeauty's IPL handset you can get salon-quality results at a fraction of the price and you will be saving not only so much money but so much time going to these salons and spending hours and hours sitting in their chair going section by section you can use her anywhere in your body.

Instead of waiting and doing just your legs once every two weeks and then going back then doing just your upper legs and going back like you can do it all at once.

The KetchBeauty IPL handset is one of the most effective, convenient, pain-free, and affordable ways to get permanent laser hair removal.

If that sounds too good to be true, that's why I'm coming on here to show you my real results.

 at home laser hair removal before and after results with ketchbeauty ipl

I've been using the KetchBeauty device on all different parts of my body but most consistently on my legs, and my underarms.

So you can see from my before photo above that I have had so many issues with ingrown hairs.

I would shave the night before and it would be stubbly the next day... there were just so many hairs!

"Now as you can see my legs are extra smooth"

I can go several days between shaving them and when I do shave them I see large patches of hair that are missing.

That leads to less ingrown hairs, less razor burn because there are fewer hairs to shave off.

I am so excited for you guys...
I wish I had known about this earlier during my transition so I could have just enjoyed myself instead of constantly worrying about my stubbly legs on a day-to-day basis are on dates.

Oh my god, dates!

I would shave the second before I left the house because my legs were so stubbly and now I can go like days without shaving.

If you're an "OG" subscriber of my YouTube channel, you would know that I actually used to grow my armpit hair out.

I know, I know, very mixed feelings spot out on the internet, but I used to throw it out because I would have rather had hair there, than literally a rash or like ingrown hairs, so I would just let it grow out.

And yes, it was kind of a statement. It was also because I just didn't have the means to take care of it.

I have seen such a change in my skin and it's not like me to do a dedicated product review.

But the KetchBeauty IPL device has changed my life so much.

Your girl got silky, smooth, cisgender skin! and I have to come on here and let you guys know a little bit of the Krabby Patty secret formula.

I haven't turned you guys on Okay, now on my videos where I've talked about this device, people have left comments asking questions like:

Does it actually work?
Does it hurt?
Where can I use it on my body?
And what kind of skin or hair texture works best with this device?

First off, does it work?

I can say obviously, that's why I'm sitting down here to show you my results.

Yes, it does work.

Now, this is also based on your consistency. When you're going to laser, they're going to book you every week or so maybe every two weeks.

That is because you have to catch the hair cycles as they grow your hair grows in three, four, but mainly three cycles that you have to catch each one up.

If you miss a laser session from a salon, you have to book one like the next day because you have to be consistent with this you have to be the technician you have to make sure that you are staying up on your treatments.

There were some times where I would do it maybe twice in a week and then I wouldn't do it for a month because I would just forget are a bit lazy.

"Of course I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted from that but when I was using it, let's say like once a week just to be safe."

I was doing it once a week for about two months and I have seen some real results.

IPL is an intense pulsed light laser that works best on light skin with dark hair.

If you go on the website, they should have an actual scale of different skin tones and hair colors but it works best on [IPL skin tone chart] and ones it might not actually work on

KetchBeauty IPL device works absolutely anywhere that you want to use it, you can use it on:

  • your face
  • arms
  • underarms
  • chest
  • legs
  • bikini

whatever girl, you can use it just don't use it on an open wound or maybe a more sensitive scar or somewhere where you feel more exposed and for facial hair.

In my experience, it's hormonally based so you'll need a combination of several different things to take care of that but this is a perfect step in the right direction.

So if you guys aren't familiar with IPL or how IPL works, let me give you a little demo on how we'll use that I'll explain how it works.

IPL means intense pulsed light.

This is the same kind of technology that's used in professional salons and dermatologist clinics across the world.

The KetchBeauty headset is a safe and more affordable Hair Removal solution that's changing the way people want to remove unwanted hair.

This technology with light pulses targets the dark melanin-filled hairs by triggering a response that makes your dark hairs go into a resting phase.

This resting phase leads to the hairs being separated from the wall of the cell.

Now that the hair root is floating freely it can't get any access to the nutrients it needs and eventually falls out.

If you consistently treat the unwanted hair on your body with the IPL, you can start having soft, smooth, and completely hair-free skin in as little as two weeks.

There's no need to worry about losing charge, running out of batteries, you can simply plug it in and you're ready to go.

It is by far the most convenient and affordable way to get salon-quality Hair removal results in just weeks.

Basically, for someone who shaves, you need this KetchBeauty IPL device.

I mean, it's an investment that will last you a lifetime and will keep you hairless for a lifetime and it's super affordable.

If you compare it to not only salon lasers, but the amount of shaving and waxing products that you will buy for the rest of your life if you don't have your own hair removal is completely obscene.

As I said, you guys know I am not someone that will promote something that I don't actually believe in, and as a woman of transgender experience, I know money's tight honey, money is tight between your, not only your body hair removal but your hormones, the doctor visits, the surgeries, the legal fees, the clothes, everything there are so many financial components that go into it.

That's why I'm sharing this with you because it will save you time and money.

I've been using it and I love it.

So many people have commented on my videos saying how they've been using it and love it so if you are interested, you can try the KetchBeauty IPLs yourself here

Thank you all so much for reading this and of course a big thank you to KetchBeauty for not only partnering with us but also for supporting the trans community on so many levels.

Good luck. I love you. Bye.

Victoria's Information:

TIKTOK • @thevivirose

INSTAGRAM • @thevivirose



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