KetchBeauty IPL User Manual

KetchBeauty IPL User Manual

Thank you for choosing our IPL system, for the most effective use of the product, please read the user manual carefully before using.

Safety Tips

  • To protect the skin, it’s not suitable for the following customers
  • You have a known skin disorder.
  • You have a skin disease such as allergic dermatitis , eczema etc.
  • Who have photosensitization
  • If you are experiencing Menstruation ,Pregnant or Lactation .
  • If you have sunburn
  • Black or sunburn skin (Please refer to the following specific color contrast card below)
  • Black or fuscescent nevus
  • Broken skin, a scab or healed wound, cancer or hemangioma
  • Your eyes and any artificial aesthetic, prosthetic or plastic area.


Technical Parameters
Lamp tube - Xenon quartz tube
Light source - Intense Pulsed Light
Energy Frequency - 1.5-3.9J/cm2
Focus size - 33*10mm2
Wavelength - 470nm~1100nm
Lamp tube life - 300000 to 700000 times
Adaptor - AC100~240V @ 12V DC 3A
Weight - 186g
Size - 124*83*48.5mm3
Operating temperature range - 5~30℃
Operating humidity range -Relative humidity 30%~60%


Functions Introduction

 Acne reduction
 Skin rejuvenation
 Hair removal
This product can be used for: excess hair such as lip hair , armpit hair , limb body hair, forehead hair etc.; Painless hair removal is suitable for black hair and dark-hair people, it is not suitable for white, gray or blonde (Refer to the following color contrast card )

Skin and Hair color contrast card

ketchbeauty ipl manual

Instructions For Use -How to use the IPL

1. Use a medical alcohol wipe to clean the glass window
2. Press the "power button" for 1 second, it will start and enter into the working state (The green indicator light is on, and you can hear the system is running).



1. You will see the red indicator light is on after starting up.
2. Then you should move the flash window to your skin, you will
see the red indicator light flickering, because there is a human
body induction sensor built-in the flash window and the sensor
will sense skin when you get close to it .
3.The red light indicator must be flickering, otherwise the device
will not work. If you find that the red indicator is not flickering,
bring it closer to your skin until it does flicker.
ketchbeauty ipl power button

3. Click the "power button" to select the suitable intensity level, there are five intensity levels indicated with the blue indicator lights. The diagram below shows intensity level from low to high power, level 1 is the minimum power setting, level 5 is maximum power intensity.

Any adjustment can be made in the sequence shown with a click of the power button.
ketchbeauty ipl power levels

4. Once the intensity level is set, move the flash window to the skin which can cover the flash window completely, you will see the red
indicator light flickering and then click the flash button, the device will flash one time; after every flash operation the red indicator light will be turned off to charge the power, after 1~3 seconds the light will return to indicating that it is ready for use again.

 For perfect results, it is suggested the process of hair removal is repeated 2-3 times and ensuring all the body parts should not be repeated and omitted .


  •  The device is not working correctly if the red indicator light remains on without flickering, in this case, please follow the steps below

a. Ensure the ‘flash window’ is close enough to the skin.
b. If the red indicator light is still on ,please move to your skin for 3-5 seconds and check if it has return to a normal function.
c. Please restart it if this operation failed
d. If the above operation cannot solve it , please contact our customer service

5. If left idle, after 5 minutes the device will go into a stand-by mode, simply click the power button to wake up it. Note on restarting, the intensity will return back to level 1.

6. Press the power button for 3 seconds to shut down it
7. When finished using, please clean the flash window using the suggested medical alcohol wet-wipe.

Automatic Flash Mode

  • To set the device to automatic flash: long-press the stroke button (flash button) for 5 seconds to switch to automatic mode.

After frequent use of the device there will be dew white spot inside
the lens, this will not affect the normal use and service life of the

Hair Management Process


  1. 1. In test before use

It is strongly advised to check for adverse reaction by conducting a skin test 2 hours in advance of any hair removal procedure.

Test method:
On a small area of skin on the inside of the upper arm (the medial).From a low energy to high energy apply 1~2 times at the same place.

After 2 hours if you feel redness, burns, stabbing pain or other symptoms consult a doctor before using again.

On slight discomfort, use the product again on a lower intensity setting, however if discomfort continues, consult a doctor before further use.


  1. Operating steps
  •  Clean the flash window, then shave the hair on your body and clean the residual hair
  • Start the device , choose the best suitable intensity level to hair removal
  • After finish hair removal, you should cool the skin using Ice water or a cold damp towel
  • You can use a toner to help your skin retain moisture after hair removal
  • Suggestions about intensity level operations for all types of skin and different parts of the body, please refer to the below comparison table
  • It is strongly suggested you do not use multiple times on the same part of skin. You should flash less than three times in succession only at one location. The operation frequency times should be reduced when using high energy intensity level

Intensity Level and skin color contrast table

ketchbeauty ipl Intensity Level and skin color contrast table


how to use an IPL for skin rejuvenation

how to use an IPL to treat acne


Device Operation Notes


  1. Do not flash near or directly at the eyes when in use.
  2. After operation, some skin redness is a normal you can cool the area with ice water or cold damp towel.
  3. Do not clean the flash window directly with spray alcohol
  4. Do not use in conjunction with other cosmetics such as water gel products.
  5. Try not to eat light sensitive food during operation (such as spinach, cole, mustard, etc.)
  6. For best results use the higher energy setting.(Warning - only after following the previous instructions)
  7. The darker your skin any skin reaction may not be so apparent and the reaction may be delayed, in this case ensure the 2 hour waiting period is followed before increasing the intensity setting.
  8.  Continue to look after you skin moisturizing and using Sun block in a normal way after using this product.
  9.  Avoid UV light during use and always protection your skin when out in sun. Also try to Avoid long exposure to computer radiation when working, protecting yourself with sun block or sunscreen.
  10.  No not block the Air inlet and the cooling outlet so as not to affect the cooling of the device.
  11. Hair stuck to the device may cause some blank spots but it does not affect the performance of the device and the normal use;
  12. In the late period of life, the inner wall of the Light bulb will appear different degrees of black phenomenon, this is a result of the normal aging process of the tubes. Don’t worry to continue to use as normal within the specified parameters.
  13. This product is not waterproof, avoid contact with water.
  14. Any faults, immediately unplug the device, If you find the product cover or glass of flash window is broken, return to KetchBeauty for maintenance or replacement.
  15. Do not store the device near Strong magnetic fields, moisture , dust or at high temperatures
  16. Avoid damage and keep out of the reach and sight of children
  17. Prohibit using it with other application which is not allowed
  18. Prohibit other people opening this device except our authorized persons otherwise it may be danger electric shock.
  19. This manual is only for reference


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