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A Transformative Purpose for Transgender Women

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Our Story


Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Unfortunately, for those in the transgender community, finding products and opportunities to do so is rare.

Many brands within the beauty industry will try to claim they’re inclusive yet rarely address common concerns for transitioning women.

As a result of underserving companies, an entire community is left to their own devices.


We sought to create a brand that would allow transgender women to have a more seamless transition experience.

Founded in 2019, KetchBeauty is one of the few transgender-dedicated brands in the beauty industry.

Our team is devoted to providing valuable products, resources, and content designed to help you express yourself and live the life you want without boundaries.


Your needs are constantly evolving, so we’re constantly innovating, reinforcing our dedication to becoming a brand you can trust to give unfailing support to make your life easier.

For example, our bestselling product, the multi-functional IPL handset, allows you to perform hair removal and acne treatment from the comfort of your home.

Engineered for convenience and efficiency, this product accurately reflects what we’re capable of.

To further our mission, we aim to provide more game-changing developments that make transitioning a smoother process.


Knowing who you are is a powerful thing; however, getting the opportunity to showcase who you are is the ultimate wish.

KetchBeauty is revolutionizing cosmetics, so transgender women never have to settle for anything less. A force of empowerment, we’re making inclusivity the standard, not the exception.


Our Values


We understand how discouraging it is to be underrepresented; we aim to provide products and resources for every LGBTQ+ member, granting them access to solutions tailored to their needs.



We value the social and mental benefits of fostering a safe space that allows all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, or race, to feel welcome, represented, and appreciated.


We value the power of self-expression and strive to give transgender people an opportunity to embrace who they are and who they want to be.


Our Mission:

At KetchBeauty, our mission is to provide valuable tips, products, and resources to help simplify the transition for transgender people, allowing them to showcase their most authentic selves every day.


Our Vision:

We hope to become every transgender woman’s go-to for support and actionable advice and foster a community of people who uplift one another, no matter the circumstances.


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