Electrolysis Hair Removal - Everything You Need to Know

This article focuses on electrolysis hair removal as a whole featuring Victoria Rose.

Here are the electrolysis hair removal topics that we'll cover in this article:

  • What is electrolysis 
  • What is electrolysis used for 
  • How does electrolysis work 
  • Electrolysis Hair removal cost 
  • Electrolysis for facial hair 
  • Home electrolysis
    1. Do they work
    2. Is it worth it 
  • Alternatives for electrolysis 
    1. Laser Hair Removal
    2. IPL Hair Removal
  • Electrolysis side effects 
  • Disadvantages of electrolysis
  • Advantages of electrolysis
  • Conclusion 

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transgender laser hair removal

Victoria is a 23-year-old woman of MTF transgender experience and experience with electrolysis, laser, and IPL hair removal.

She also makes LGBT content on YouTube that you can find here: Victoria Rose YouTube.

Permanent hair removal is an essential part of the MTF transgender experience because of the want/need to remove unwanted facial and body hair.

Body hair removal comes with hair dysphoria and is not just unique to the MTF trans community.

Laser and electrolysis salons have been in operation for decades, showing the rise in interest in pursuing permanent hair removal.

There are many resources out there talking about electrolysis and what it is. Still, they all seem like they were written or given an opinion on by people who either haven't had it done themselves or those who don't know how to explain things outside of medical terms. 

Luckily, Victoria has extensive experience with permanent hair removal methods and shedding light on electrolysis to demystify this form of hair removal.


What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a form of permanent hair removal that is applicable for full-body treatments.

Electrolysis is practiced worldwide and was invented in the year 1875 by Dr. Charles Mitchell.


How does electrolysis work?

Electrolysis hair removal involves an esthetician inserting a small needle alongside the hair shaft. 

The needle releases a tiny portion of electrical current directly in the root of the hair follicle and burns it, therefore stopping further hair production.

If electrolysis hair removal is done correctly, the esthetician will gently pull the hair out of the follicle without resistance after the hair is zapped.

If there is any tugging or pulling, the process must be redone to destroy the hair follicle. 

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is a hair by hair process, whereas laser treats an area of skin and hair.


Electrolysis hair removal cost

On average, electrolysis hair removal cost about $1 to $2 per minute.

The cost of electrolysis may vary depending on the location. 

Electrolysis is a costly procedure; it takes a really long time, it's painful, but it is also the most effective long-term permanent hair removal method. 

Even though electrolysis is expensive, it offsets the cost of traditional hair removal methods such as razors, wax, epilation and is more budget-friendly long term.


Electrolysis for facial hair

"Electrolysis for facial hair is a standard procedure amongst women with PCOS, males who suffer from ingrown facial hairs. Still, it is difficult to find an esthetician to perform anything on a pre-operative trans woman," says Victoria. 

Electrolysis is effective on all hair and skin colors, unlike laser hair removal, which is ineffective on blonde, white, or red hair.

When it comes to electrolysis hair removal on the face, you'll have to allow your hair to grow out, so it's visible to the esthetician.

This can be tough mentally if you're transitioning, but it is worth it because it's a means to end hair dysphoria.


Home Electrolysis

Some very commons questions about at-home electrolysis are; have I tried it? Does it work?

Electrolysis is a very intricate and delicate process. If you are not adequately trained, home electrolysis either won't be effective, or you can hurt yourself.

There are currently no at-home electrolysis hair removal kits that are worth getting over having it done professionally. 

If a home electrolysis hair removal device eventually becomes available, be sure to let us know.

Until that day, stick with an esthetician.


Alternatives for electrolysis

Laser hair removal is a great option. It's not for everyone, but it might be for you.

Laser hair removal treats hairs in larger sections at a time. 

The flash of light produced by laser detects melanin found in hair. The light converted to heat slowly destroys the hair follicle and reduces hair growth.

Laser hair removal is ineffective on lighter hairs. Laser treatments are sometimes combined with electrolysis to get better end results. 

Both laser and electrolysis can be very pricey in salons, so if you're looking to get started on a budget, then the KetchBeauty IPL Handsets work excellent for laser hair removal at home.

If you want to get permanent hair removal treatments in the future, invest in an at-home hair removal device such as KetchBeauty and then go to a salon for electrolysis to clean up later.


Electrolysis side effects

There are a few side effects that could occur from electrolysis. 

  • Pain is the most prominent side effect of electrolysis hair removal. Electrolysis is an excruciatingly painful procedure for some people. Treatments tend to be more painful the more prolonged the sessions are.
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Slight bleeding 
  • Scabbing after treatment


There is minimal risk of any complications associated with electrolysis hair removal when performed by a professional.

It is recommended to stay out of the sun, avoid tanning beds, wearing heavy makeup, and avoid activities that cause excessive sweating for 24 hours after electrolysis.


Disadvantages of Electrolysis

  • Pain 
  • Cost - it is not a cheap procedure.
  • Growing hairs out before treatment.


Advantages of electrolysis

  • Works on any hair type
  • Works on any skin type
  • Permanent if done correctly
  • It can be done on any area of the body


Hopefully, this article helped shed some light on electrolysis and what the best options for you are. 

Everyone is going to be different. Everyone's experience is going to be different, and every salon is different.  

Overall, electrolysis is very effective in getting rid of unwanted hairs if you can bear through the pain and high price.

If you are interested in removing facial and body hair from home, then the KetchBeauty IPL Handset is perfect to start and use electrolysis to clean up later on. You can use coupon code ROSE at checkout for an extra discount.


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