MTF Laser Hair Removal Cost

The average going rate for MTF laser hair removal is $1,125. The cost of laser hair removal varies and depends on different factors.

For instance, the type of laser treatment you choose, where you live, and how much hair you have to be removed all determine the overall price tag for your session(s).

Also to be considered is the cost of ongoing maintenance treatments, which are sometimes needed to ensure that hair remains absent.

In a video titled "Trying HAIR REMOVAL On Myself At Home For The First Time Using KetchBeauty," where Gia Gunn [Gia Keitaro Ichikawa] talks about the KetchBeauty IPL, she reveals she has had 192 sessions of laser hair removal that cost well over $10,000



Laser hair removal works best for people who have dark hair on light skin.

The laser's light energy is attracted to the melanin (colored pigment) in your hair follicles, but not your skin.

Before choosing a laser hair removal center, be sure to ask what type of lasers they use and the required number of treatments to achieve the best results.

An excellent starting point would be to discuss your needs with your dermatologist or other medical professional first.

They can help direct you to a reputable practice in your area.


The average cost for complete MTF facial laser hair removal (beard removal) is $1,000 and $3,000.

Laser hair removal will require 4 to 12 sessions, spaced about eight weeks apart.

When considering the cost of laser hair removal, be sure that you inquire about the entire procedure and if there will be additional costs for other parts of your body, such as the neck and sideburn.


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As far as pre-SRS laser hair removal goes, the cost will vary depending on the area to be treated and how many sessions you will need.

For example, laser hair removal for genital use may require anywhere from 12 to 25 treatments, each spaced about four weeks apart; whereas, armpits may require only 4 to 6 sessions about seven weeks apart.

The cost will also depend on the laser used, but the average price is around $250 per session.

However, an important thing to remember is that you shouldn't stretch out your treatments over a more extended period than necessary.

For example, you may want to take a year or two between sessions, but this can cause your hair to grow back in a different color or coarseness.

In addition, if treatment isn't done to standard the first time, your hair will come back thicker and stronger than before.

Being inconsistent with treatments could require additional treatments, which would increase your costs.

The cost of laser hair removal will depend on:

  • Your location
  • The type of laser used
  • Your hair and skin color combination
  • The area that is to be treated
  • Number of sessions required

Everyone's needs are different, but it is crucial to seek an experienced practitioner who uses the latest technology to get the most effective laser hair removal treatment with the fewest sessions possible.

The costs for each laser hair removal center will vary greatly, so be sure to do your research before committing.


Suppose you're not ready to commit to professional laser hair removal either because it's too expensive or you cannot find a suitable provider. In that case, IPL hair removal may be for you.

If you take a minute to search YouTube, Google, Twitter, or any platform, you'll realize that people talk about KetchBeauty's IPL and show their results.

Here at KetchBeauty, we understand that not everyone will respond to IPL treatment the same way, but it has been a life-changing purchase for most people.

To ensure our customers can purchase with peace of mind knowing that in the rare event that they don't see results, they can return the IPL for a refund.

If you want to see some results our IPL has achieved, check out this article: #1 Rated Effective MTF Transgender Facial and Body Hair Removal at Home


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If you're looking for a better way to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair at home click here to learn more. 

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At KetchBeauty, we are committed to providing safe and effective hair removal and hair growth inhibition solutions for our customers.

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Now we'll share how thousands of transgender women are removing their unwanted facial and body hair at home while saving a fortune and how you can do the same.


At this point, you should already be familiar with electrolysis and laser hair removal. Both are effective but also painful, inconvenient, and expensive. 


Here at KetchBeauty, We sought to create a brand that would allow transgender women to have a more seamless transition experience.


Founded in 2019, KetchBeauty is one of the few transgender-dedicated brands in the beauty industry.


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For example, our bestselling product, the V4.1 IPL handset, allows you to perform hair removal treatment from the comfort of your home with a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. 

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IPL is very similar to laser hair removal. Still, instead of using a concentrated beam of light, it uses an array of light.

It is A LOT MORE AFFORDABLE than a salon. You can do it from the privacy of your own home.


Our hair removal IPL handsets are engineered for convenience and efficiency, accurately reflecting our capabilities.


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Our customers leverage their hair removal by using our IPL handsets or MTF Hair Removal kit, which contains:


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  • Lifetime V4.1 warranty 
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The MTF hair removal kit or just the V4.1 handset alone should get you either completely hair free or far enough to where you can finish up with laser or electrolysis.

Using this method to tackle your hair removal will save you several uncomfortable visits to the salon; you'll completely avoid the pain associated with laser and electrolysis and save a fortune, amounting to roughly $7,319+ USD.