5 MTF HRT Body Changes You Shouldn't Expect When Transitioning

HRT or hormone replacement therapy is a procedure that transgender people undergo while transitioning, which enables their bodies to change to better align with their gender identity.

There is a significant amount of misinformation online regarding this therapy. Moreover, incomplete information adds to the ambiguity and confusion surrounding this procedure, which is already overwhelming for most people.

So, this article aims to clear some of this confusion by addressing what HRT does not accomplish.

Most people are aware that for a trans woman, HRT helps them develop feminine attributes such as breasts, through the use of testosterone blockers and estrogen. However, there are some things that HRT cannot do.


1.) Adam’s Apple

Unfortunately for trans women around the world, HRT cannot get rid of Adam's Apple. As a result, many women choose to undergo a surgery to get it removed following the transition.

While you can avoid this if your Adam’s apple is not very prominent, for some it could be the cause of gender dysphoria, which can be fixed with a surgery.      



2.) Voice

HRT has no impact on your voice either. During puberty, the vocal cords thicken. This, coupled with the presence of the Adam’s apple will deepen the voice.

This is not something that can be resolved with HRT, since the hormones have no effect on your vocal cords after puberty. If your voice is deep, and you want it to be higher and softer, there are a few options available.

Firstly, you can opt for vocal feminization surgery, which facilitates communication at a higher pitch. However, many doctors recommend seeking training with a vocal coach instead, since the surgery poses a risk of damage to your vocal cords.

By training with a vocal coach, you can alter your pitch in about four to six months and soon enough, you will find yourself speaking in a naturally higher pitch.


3.) Bone Structure

Hormone Replacement Therapy typically does not change the bone structure. However, this is largely dependent on the age at which you begin the procedure.

If you go through this therapy before you attain complete puberty (by 15 years or so),  then HRT might have a slight effect on your bone structure.

Otherwise, your bone structure will remain constant throughout your life. If this is something that bothers you, facial feminization surgery could be one solution. This surgery is meant to make a face look more feminine.   


4.) Unwanted Hair

With HRT, your body hair might become thinner and more sparse.

However, if you have already developed some facial hair before beginning HRT, the hormones will not get rid of it.

While there won’t be further growth, the hair that has already grown will remain forever.

However, with an IPL machine or through electrolysis you can get rid of this unwanted hair.

You can use the IPL machine over your entire body and you can expect to get rid of at least 80% of your hair.

The rest of the hair will take forever to grow out, so this is a very effective method.

Electrolysis is an impeccable option to get rid of your facial hair. 


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4.) Height

There are still misconceptions in the community that HRT can help reduce your height. This, however, is untrue. The height that you are born with is what you will have to live with.

However, this is not something you need to worry about. There are plenty of gorgeous tall women and now, you would be one of them.

This holds true for feet size as well- HRT does not decrease the size of your feet since it cannot alter your bone structure.    

These are some changes that unfortunately cannot be achieved with HRT. However, if that results in gender dysphoria, you can always consider the surgeries that have been listed above to resolve some of the issues. Good luck!!



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