How to be More Feminine | Passing and Femininity Tips for Transgender Women

As a trans woman, you must have heard a myriad of inappropriate and offensive statements.

However, remember this- femininity is a social construct and that always comes from within.

As a trans woman, you’ve always had a feminine soul. If anything, masculinity is a learned behavior in many cases among trans women.

Being a woman encompasses so many things and this article cannot cover everything. Moreover, it is not possible to dictate what makes a woman and what does not.

Every individual is unique and to associate a definitive set of attributes to a gender would be presumptuous.

However, this article will discuss how trans women can “pass” as women and learn what is commonly termed as “feminine behavior.”

Some of these may apply to you and others may not; what you pick up from this article is entirely up to you as there is no right or wrong.

This article offers six tips to look or feel more feminine, if that’s something you are interested in. 


1.) Feminine Attributes

This includes basics such as taking good care of your nails, focusing on proper hair care for those long, thick locks, constantly working on your skincare regime, and so much more.

Another important aspect that you can focus on is hair removal. For this, many trans women often turn to laser removal. What we personally recommend is an IPL.

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This device helps decrease your body hair over time so you no longer have to worry about shaving or waxing. 

A lot of trans women have reported that the lack of strawberry legs and ingrown hairs made them more confident.

When you take good care of all these aspects, you would look great even in a tee and your sweats. 


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2.) Connect With Yourself

Create a space for yourself where you can relax, rest, and connect with your inner femininity.

Here, do whatever makes you feel good. Maybe you want to enjoy a long bath with some music. Or maybe, you want to put on a face mask, watch Gilmore Girls, and unwind.

You could even do something outdoorsy if that’s more your style. Rejuvenate yourself, let your feminine side breathe and live.

Some other ideas include:

  • journaling
  • baking
  • or even reading. 


3.) Receive

Maybe it is the gender roles or maybe it is biology, but masculine energy is typically giving while feminine energy is all about receiving.

So, take a step back and nurture yourself. Take in whatever the universe is sending towards you. Let others give and help.

If someone wants to open the door for you, let them. While feminism today is all about independence, it doesn’t hurt to seek help sometimes too.

Once in a while, allow others to take charge while you just sit back with your feet up. 


4.) Soften Down

The next tip is to soften down. Being a soft person comes with so many layers, however. Feminine women tend to sit gracefully and their movements are fluid, as opposed to tense strides.

In fact, this would apply for your personality and your appearance. For instance, opt for soft-toned lip gloss if you have natural lip lines. This applies to jewelry and clothing as well.

Delicate and dainty outfits as well as jewelry are perfect for feminine looks. Understated outfits and minimalism are in trend anyway, so you will fit right in.


5.) Hobbies

Take some time out for hobbies- reading, knitting, writing, baking, or sports. Turn to whatever turns on your creativity.

All of these activities can help you grow as a woman. Getting lost in the state of creativity is among the best feelings ever.  


6.) Voice and Mannerisms

Lastly, as trans women, focusing on voice and mannerisms are crucial.

Particularly when still transitioning, talking like a woman is something that many must cultivate as a habit.

While the tone and the pitch of the voice are crucial too, to work on the latter, you must seek the assistance of a voice coach. Zoe Alexandria is highly recommended for her voice lessons on YouTube. 

As far as mannerisms are concerned, as stated above, it is important to be free-flowing and relaxed with your movements. 


These are some tips we have compiled for trans women looking to be more feminine in various contexts. We hope this helped! Good luck. 


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