Can I use IPL on my pubic area?

Yes, IPL is safe to use on the pubic areas like the bikini line, but it isn't recommended for the genital area, where the skin may be darker and the hair density is higher, absorbing more light energy and perhaps causing discomfort.


Females can use IPL to treat the entire bikini area, including the:

  • bikini line
  • mons pubis
  • labia majora
  • and perineum

So, if you're looking for a Brazilian or a Hollywood, go for it!



Because the skin on the inner thighs and buttocks is more pigmented and sensitive, it is recommended that you use a lower setting to avoid discomfort.

For females, IPL should never be used on the:

  • labia minora
  • vagina
  • or anus
because IPL is not ideal for the 'inner portions' of the bikini area.


IPL is a safe way to treat pubic hairs in men as well. IPL cannot, however, be used on the entire genital area (pubic bone and scrotum) or on anus.

All in all, IPL can be used on pubic areas as long as it is performed safely and on the suitable regions.

There are a variety of genital hair grooming styles to choose from:


  1. The Bikini Line: It entails the removal of all hair in the top region of the pubic area that would otherwise be visible outside of underwear or bikini line.
  2. An extended bikini: It entails the removal of all hair from the top and sides of the vaginal canal that isn't covered by a bikini or underwear.
  3. A Brazilian: All hair from the sides of the vagina, the labia, and above the bikini line is removed, leaving only a small amount of hair in the mons pubis region. This area is typically designed as a triangle, heart, bespoke design, or a single line known as "the landing strip."
  4. The Hollywood / Full Bikini / Full Brazilian / Full Bikini: It entails the removal of all pubic hair in order to achieve a hairless and smooth genital area.

This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy.


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