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Is it safe to IPL over freckles or moles?

No, it is not safe to IPL over moles or freckles.

Moles have a higher concentration of pigmented cells than the skin around them. Treatments for laser hair removal are made to seep into anything that contains pigment.

A laser pulsed directly over a mole would disturb the pigment cluster and maybe cause it to lift off the skin.

For about 2 weeks after treatment, the region would create a crust and be more sensitive to touch.

The area would be uncomfortable and irritated at this time, and a scab could form over the mole.


You can cover large moles with plaster before getting treatment to protect them. Smaller moles will merely have to be avoided during treatment with caution.

You can also apply a coating of white kohl pencil to the mole to protect it throughout the treatment.


The same is true for freckles, except that they will appear lighter in color. It's also fine if you're using IPL to treat the pigmentation of freckles.


This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy. 


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