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What is an IPL Hair Removal Device?

What is IPL Hair Removal? - Your questions answered!

IPl or Intent Pulsed Light technology is commonly referred to as at home laser hair removal devices. However, Handheld IPL devices that you can use from the comfort of your own home apply very a variety of different light and wavelengths to the hair root while clinic grade lasers send a single pulse of light directly to the hair root. 

This light emitted for the IPL device triggers the hair to go into what is known as a resting phase: within 10-18 day the hairs in the areas treated starts falling out, and over time your body grows less hair in that area which ultimately eliminates the need shave daily or wax regularly.

That smoothness that you desire and achieve from IPL hair removal last a Long time and can be permanent on some people. The majority of people who use IPL report that after treatment is completed per the guidelines that comes with the IPL device,  they experience roughly an eight (8) week period with no hair growth. E.I: Hair Free for 2 months.

IPL Hair Removal is not just for legs and arms; you can safely treat and remove unwanted hair from any area of your body to include bikini line, armpits, upper lip, and face. 

Does IPL Work For Hair Removal?

Yes IPL work for hair removal and the following will explain how IPL devices work.

IPL "Intense Pulsed Light" works by targeting dark hairs filled with melanin. Think of your IPL devices as the sun on a summer day and your hair being a black sheet out in the open. Much like any black object out in the sun, Melanin triggers a response in your hair follicles to absorb the pulses of light emitted from the IPL Device, signaling it to go into a resting phase.

During this resting phase the hair root is separated from the cell wall and is free floating without nutrients. With no method of being supported or fed nutrients from the body; the hairs will slowly start falling out over the course of 1-2 weeks after treatment. This is what leaves you with the smooth, hair free skin. 

What is the Best IPL Hair Removal Device?

As much as we would like to claim to be the best IPL hair removal device available today, we are not. Our IPL does not work for dark skin and red/light hair colors... use this skin tone chart as reference. (Remember what was discussed above about how IPL Device work) 

However, If the hair you want to remove is of the darker variety and you have fare to light skin tone then absolutely Ketch Beauty Handheld IPL Device is the way to go!

There are other lasers out there that is designed to work on darker skin tones but is still not guaranteed to work. The only way be 100% sure you are getting good results is to visit a cold or hot laser specialist in your hair... if you have other than black hair fare skin that is. 


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