How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

One year, six months, or not at all? One question, different answers. The duration of time in which you can truly enjoy your baby smooth, silky, hair-free skin will vary for everyone but can last a lifetime.

If you are not already familiar with laser hair removal; is a fast, reliable and noninvasive procedure to get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal is the only way to get rid of body and facial hair with the potential to last forever that is when done right.

The reason why laser hair removal is so great for hair reduction is because it directly targets the hair follicles, while other methods cut the hair at skin level.

The questions "how long does a laser hair removal last" andHow many sessions will it take to be hair freeare not a questions to ask your salon (they’ll just squeeze more sessions out of you)

How many sessions does it take?

Most people need between 4 and 6 sessions, while people with stubborn hairs need roughly 8 sessions to be completely hairless (with a few touch ups here and there with an at home IPL hair removal device)

Unfortunately, laser sessions at a salon must be spaced out by 4-6-week intervals (for safety reasons) — so pretty much… it’ll take 8 months to a year for you to look like a Sphynx cat

hairless cat

Does laser hair removal really last forever?

Nope! Sorry to ruin your expectations but let’s be real, we all know nothing really lasts forever.

It is a nice idea to think you can do it once and cross that beauty task of your list indefinitely.

I promise you will see articles elsewhere claiming specific periods for how long laser hair removal really last but how can that be possible?

That information is mostly based on group studies and analyzing how the treatment works for them under certain conditions. There you have it… the answer can’t be used as a general rule of thumb.

Everyone will have different results from laser hair removal therapy so it’s impossible to guarantee results for a specific amount of time.

But then again… forever can be reality with the help of an at home laser hair removal device.

what is ipl hair removal

Chances are you’ll never grow as much hair in the areas treated, and if hair does return it’s usually of the light “Peach-fuzzed” variety.

This is where using an IPL device comes into play. These days it’s common to have a few initial sessions of professional laser hair removal treatment done in a salon and finishing off with an IPL device.

Home IPL devices are perfect for doing touch up hair removal treatment to skip the expensive follow up sessions at a salon.

Some people just skip the salon all together and go all the way with an at home IPL laser.

Read this article "Does at home laser hair removal work" to learn more.


Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Anyone can have laser hair removal therapy done but there are limitations if you plan on doing your own laser hair removal at home.


Who should not use at home IPL devices:

  • Red hair
  • White hair
  • Grey hair
  • Prone to Epilepsy

Professional lasers machines can be programed to match the light frequency of the hair color making it effective for almost everyone.

What’s the Best at Home Laser Hair Removal IPL Device?

Our IPL device (Ketchbeauty) is the latest and most advanced laser hair removal devices available for home use.

Amongst these superb features is the window size which is tailored to the needs of the user.

This allows it to effectively tackle hair removal in small areas like the upper lips, bikini areas, armpits, and the pubic area and large areas such as legs, back and chest.

It also has a wide range of energy levels, which makes it compatible with all skin tones of varying sensitivity.

The KetchBeauty IPL comes with 300,000 pulses and can last a lifetime if used correctly.

All these features added to its user-friendly nature makes it the perfect on the go product for at-home laser hair removal.

KetchBeauty IPL Handset can make you hair-free in a few months on the average, some devices can keep you waiting an eternity.

But there is one downside…

At home IPL hair removal devices (including ours) aren’t capable of getting rid of red, grey, or white hair.

Factors That Affect Laser Hair Removal and How They Contribute to How Long Your Results Last.


  • The Hair Type

From peach fuzz, to coarse facial hair, to the hormonal imbalance that leads to hirsutism, laser hair removal therapy will vary for each.

For those interested in bikini (Brazilian), beard, and under arm hair removal, the average timeframe is six-month.

However, patients of hirsutism or hormonal imbalance can take longer as the underlying medical condition will also be looked into.


  • The Hair Growth Cycle

The typical cycle of hair growth is a month, and laser hair removal needs to be planned to accommodate this cycle.

However, everyone has unique hair growth cycles which are in three main phases:

  1. Resting

  2. Shedding

  3. Growing phase

During the resting phase, hairs are not visible on the surface of the skin (epidermis). When treated in such phase, they remain non-visible to the laser and can't be targeted. Hence, the need for multiple sessions as hair passes through these phases.


  • The Area

The part of the body being treated can also determine how long a laser treatment would be.

Areas with coarser and thicker hair like the face and pubic will generally take more time compared to the thigh and bikini line.

People with light hair color or dark skin complexion may require more treatment sessions and time, than others with light complexion people with dark hair.

The reason for this is simple; the laser can easily target the hair and travels down to the follicle to destroy it, due to the pigment contrast.


  • The Sessions: Individual and Overall

If you are committed to getting rid of all bodily hair, you should be ready to expend extra time for individual sessions and the overall duration.

Some parts are more sensitive than others and would take a lot of time, while some areas are large and at such requires more time.

The case of excessive hair growth (hirsutism) is another good point to consider. It may require consulting with an expert to know how and when to do laser hair removal.


KetchBeauty IPL Results from Ketch Beauty on Vimeo.


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