The Ultimate Guide to Controlling Unwanted Facial Hair

If you're struggling with unwanted facial hair, you may be looking for ways to manage this condition.

While there are many hair removal methods available, addressing the root cause of facial hair growth is essential for achieving long-lasting results.

One factor that can contribute to excessive facial hair growth is your diet.

In this guide, we'll discuss four surprising foods that can trigger facial hair growth in women, and offer tips and techniques for reducing and eliminating unwanted hair naturally.


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But regardless of what products you use, the following tips and techniques can help you get the best results:

  1. Avoid foods that can trigger facial hair growth: Certain foods, such as eggs, meat, potatoes, and oranges, contain nutrients that can contribute to the production of androgens like testosterone and DHT, which can cause facial hair growth. Reducing your consumption of these foods can help inhibit hair growth.

  2. Incorporate foods that can inhibit hair growth: On the other hand, certain foods, such as spearmint tea, soy, and flaxseed, contain compounds that can help inhibit hair growth. Adding these foods to your diet can help reduce unwanted facial hair.

  3. Try natural hair reduction techniques: There are several natural techniques that can help reduce unwanted hair growth, such as dermaplaning, sugaring, and threading. These methods can be gentler on your skin than traditional hair removal methods like waxing or shaving.

  4. Use hair removal and hair growth inhibitor products: Products like our IPL hair removal handset, hair removal cream, and hair growth inhibitor spray can provide effective and convenient solutions for managing unwanted facial hair.


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