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The Trans Girl's Guide to HAIR

For trans women, hair is a crucial part of who they are and it becomes particularly important when transitioning.

As many usually keep their hair short until transitioning, the period of growing it out can be confusing and overwhelming, especially because long hair requires more effort and care.

Moreover, you might want to grow your hair quickly and for that, hair care becomes even more important.

This article will offer a few tips and tricks to help you take care of your hair as a trans woman. 


First things first, do not wash your hair every day. It can make your hair dry and brittle, which is counter-productive.

Through trial and error, determine what wash cycle works best for your hair type.

Typically, a hair wash every three days or so works wonders for many hair types. However, if you have an oily scalp, your hair might get greasy sooner, in which case you might have to wash your hair more frequently.  


As far as products are concerned, Argan oil (or any other oil), shampoo, conditioner, and hair masques are definitely important to nourish your hair and clean your scalp.

However, before you purchase a glut of products, try to understand your hair type.

If you have curly or wavy hair, look for sulphate and paraben-free products to ensure better styling results. 

Next thing that you should actively avoid when you are growing out your hair is pool water as it can make your hair extremely dry. Avoid using hot water to shower and never comb wet hair.

Both of these can cause breakage of hair strands. We also recommend avoiding heat when styling your hair. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt to drain the water and then air dry.

This is a healthier option when it comes to drying your hair after a shower. If you do feel compelled to use heat, remember to put on a heat protectant. 


As far as hair styles are considered, it is very important to take your features into consideration. For instance, if you have a big forehead, it is a good idea to get a cut that covers some of it, since big foreheads are not associated with femininity.

For a square face, a cut that falls around your face can help offset the shape to a certain extent. However, this rule only applies if you want to pass. Not every trans woman wants to pass and that’s understandable.

But if you do want to feminize your face with the help of your hair, you must pay attention to the cut and your face shape.  


Hair growth is a crucial part of transitioning for trans women. Many trans women use wigs and extensions while growing out their hair. However, you can also put it up as a bun until it grows out to your desired length.

As far as stimulating hair growth is concerned, there is no one way. Scalp massages and argan oil are known to promote hair growth as is good, nutritious food. 


We also recommend getting your hair trimmed frequently to get rid of the split ends. This will also make your hair look long and thick, while ensuring that it is even throughout.

However, there is no definitive solution that can accelerate your hair growth. It takes time, patience, and a great deal of effort.  

Remember that it is not mandatory to grow your hair out. There are many women who have short hair and pull it off very well. So, depending on your face shape, you can go for a shorter cut.  

Finally, once you find a hair care routine and style that works for you, be consistent with it. Use masks and sprays that work well on you.  


These are just some tips when it comes to dealing with your hair as a transitioning trans woman.

Your hair, appearance, or any other factor does not define your womanhood or take away from it. Do whatever works best for you and makes you feel comfortable. Good luck!! 


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