Should I moisturize after IPL?

Yes, you should moisturize after an IPL treatment.

The heat generated by the IPL device's light flashes can occasionally make skin feel especially dry and irritated.

If you already have dry skin, the heat created by an IPL treatment might exacerbate it and cause redness.

If you don't want this effect to get any stronger, moisturize your skin afterwards. If your skin is hot and irritated, you can use ice packs.

Moisturizers can help rehydrate and seal the top layer of your skin cells.

Did you know that the majority of moisturizers don't actually moisturize your skin?

They actually seal in existing water so it does not evaporate. Do not accept rough or itchy skin because moisturizers can help to protect your skin's outermost layer from environmental elements.

It is recommended to hydrate your skin two or three times a day if you have extremely dry skin.

This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy. 


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