IPL Post treatment: What not to do after IPL

There are a few easy steps you should follow to ensure your post IPL treatment goes as smoothly as possible.


Here's what not to do after IPL treatments.

  1. To lower the chances of skin irritation, do not take hot showers or baths for a minimum of 48 hours after IPL procedures.
  2. Wait 7 -10 days before doing any form of rough skin exfoliation. This not only prevents irritation but allows hairs to begin the shedding process (if hair removal is your goal).
  3. Do not attempt to remove hairs or perform any other form of hair removal such as waxing, plucking, and sugaring, you can shave normally after 24hrs.
  4. Try to avoid participating in any physical activities that would make you sweat. (For the first 1-2 days)
  5. Do not expose areas treated by IPL to direct sunlight. Sun exposure should be limited before and after IPL or laser treatments.
  6. Do not use harsh chemicals or skincare products that contain high amounts of vitamin A, such as alpha-hydroxy acids, Accutane, Retin-A (tretinoin), glycolic acid, and retinoic acid.