Can I go swimming after IPL treatment?

No, you should not swim right after your laser hair removal procedure. After laser hair removal, your skin will be sensitive for 24-48 hours, therefore it's crucial to keep it protected during that time.

This refers to swimming in pools, lakes, rivers, and the sea, as well as Jacuzzis and plunge pools.

Laser side effects are usually just transient and disappear within 24 to 48 hours. Redness (erythema) and follicular edema (swelling of the follicles) are frequent laser reactions and are not to be concerned about.

It is critical to keep the skin away from anything that could cause irritation, inflammation, or infection during this time.


The corrosive substances present in swimming pool water could be the cause. These substances have the potential to irritate the skin.

In addition, the chlorine and sea salt found in seawater and all public swimming pools make the skin more sensitive.

As a result, you should give your skin time to recuperate so that its natural protective barrier can be restored. After that, going for a swim is not a problem.

It is strongly advised that you wait 24-48 hours after your session before swimming.


If you have exceptionally sensitive skin and notice that your session's side effects continue longer than usual, it is recommended that you wait until your skin has fully recovered before going for a swim.

Swimming is perfectly safe in between laser sessions; however, you must use caution when swimming outside during the summer months.

If you're going swimming outside, wear a good waterproof sunscreen and re-apply frequently.


To help prevent a tan or hyperpigmentation from appearing on your skin, use SPF50+. If this happens, you should visit your clinic for a skin examination.

All in all, please avoid swimming until the skin is fully recovered. The standard time frame is 24-48 hours, but if the skin is still sensitive, please allow more time for recovery.


It is important to re-apply sunscreen on your skin throughout the day and every day to protect the skin and maintain your laser treatment results.

This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy.


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