Answering Questions About Gender Affirmation Surgery

Gender affirmation surgery, also known as gender reassignment surgery or bottom surgery, is an important step for many transgender individuals. Mathilda Hogberg, a transgender woman, recently underwent bottom surgery and made a video answering some common questions about the procedure.

This article Answering Questions About Gender Affirmation Surgery.


Eligibility and Timing

In most places, patients need to be at least 18 years old to undergo gender affirmation surgery.

This is the case in Mathilda's home country of Sweden. The reasoning is that it's a major, life-altering surgery, so candidates need to be legal adults capable of providing informed consent.

Patients also often need to live as their identified gender for a period of time, such as one year, and undergo hormone therapy beforehand. These requirements can vary based on location and surgical practice.


Anatomy and Healing Process

The surgery creates two separate holes - one for urination and one for the vagina. After surgery, patients have packing and bandages inside the vagina to help with healing. But they can still urinate out of the urethra.

For the first urination, many patients report discomfort or burning. But this typically resolves within a few days as the swelling goes down.

Full recovery takes around 3 months. Patients need to focus on rest and dilation during this time. Normal activities and intimacy have to be avoided for at least the first couple of months.


Returning to Normal Life

In the first month after surgery, patients are encouraged to rest and limit activity apart from dilation and personal care. But after that first month, light activity can be resumed gradually. Patients can care for family and return to work on a modified basis, working dilation around their schedules.

Here in Sweden, patients get 3 months of medical leave to fully recover. But in some places, people may need to return to responsibilities sooner while continuing to heal. Having help from family or friends is recommended for at least the first few weeks.


Sensation and Satisfaction

Many patients worry about losing sensation after surgery. However, Mathilda reports normal sensation and ability to achieve orgasm after healing. She and most other patients are highly satisfied with their surgical results.

While individual anatomy varies, the general appearance is typical for cisgender women. Some discharge is normal during healing. Patients should discuss any concerns with their surgeon.


Costs and Access

In Sweden, gender affirmation surgery is free for qualifying citizens under the national health system. In other countries, costs can range from $10,000 to $50,000 out of pocket.

Health insurance plans sometimes cover all or part of surgery for transgender members. But coverage varies greatly.


Hair Removal Before Surgery

Removing hair from the genital area through laser treatments or electrolysis is an important part of preparing for gender affirmation surgery. Products like the KetchBeuty at-home IPL device can help with hair removal.

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Here's a breakdown of what IPL is, how it works, and specific information on using the KetchBeauty range of IPL handsets: 


Understanding IPL:

  • What is IPL? IPL uses broad-spectrum light that targets the melanin in hair. This light then converts to heat, damaging the hair follicle, which reduces hair growth over time.
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User Manual

Using KetchBeauty’s IPL Handsets:

  • Preparation: Shave the area you're going to treat. This ensures the IPL energy is focused on the hair root and not wasted on the hair above the skin.
  • Choose the Right Energy Level: Start with the lowest energy setting for first-time users and work your way up as your comfort allows. The MX2's varying energy levels offer flexibility for different hair types.
  • Consistent Sessions: Use the device once a week for the first 12 weeks for optimal results. After this initial phase, use it once every month for the next three months or until you achieve your desired result.
  • Post-IPL Care: Avoid exposure to the sun after treatment, as the skin will be sensitive. Use sunscreen if you're going out.


Safety and Side Effects:

  • Test Patch: Always do a test patch 24 hours before complete treatment to ensure no adverse reaction.
  • Avoid use on Tattoos: Do not use IPL directly over tattoos, as it can cause skin burns.
  • Side Effects: Some might experience slight redness post-treatment, which usually subsides within a few hours.



IPL, especially with the advanced features and effectiveness of the KetchBeauty handsets, offers a promising long-term solution for those looking to reduce hair growth.

Following the guidelines, maintaining consistency, and prioritizing safety is essential to achieve the best results.

Please note that for a more detailed and personalized guide, one should refer to the user manual of each KetchBeauty product and consult with professionals if unsure about IPL treatments.

Using it over several weeks before surgery can eliminate coarse hair that would otherwise remain under the vaginal lining after surgery. Thorough hair removal leads to better results and reduces risks of infection and inflammation. Discuss hair removal timing and methods with your surgeon well in advance of surgery.

Gender affirmation surgery can be life-changing for transgender individuals. Being informed about the process and aftercare leads to better results. Many trans people find the surgery greatly improves their comfort and confidence.