The KetchBeauty Mx2 Pro IPL Hair Removal Handset User Manual

Thank you for choosing KetchBeauty. Before starting your hair removal treatments, we recommend reading this manual thoroughly and carefully for the most effective use of this IPL.

1. Safety Tips


  • You should avoid IPL treatments if:
  • You have tattoos on the target area
  • You have very dark skin [Fitzpatrick scale V or higher]
  • You intend to remove red, white, blonde, or grey facial & body hair
  • You are pregnant/breastfeeding/lactating
  • You are taking Accutane
  • You have a history of skin cancer
  • You have a history of seizures
  • You are using blood thinners
  • You have an open wound or sore on the treatment area
  • Artificial aesthetic, prosthetic or plastic area.

2. Product Components and Introduction

Your package includes the following:

Mx2 Pro IPL Hair Removal Handset, 3 in 1 interchangeable power adapter, warranty card, and instruction manual.

IPL Structure Description

3. Technical Parameters

Light source: Xenon quartz lamp
Weight: 230g
Size: 207*75*65mm
Focus size: 4.2 mm squared
Adaptor: no change
Operating temperature range: 5c ~35c
Operating humidity range: Relative humidity 30% ~ 60%

4. Functions Introduction

• Hair removal: This IPL is intended for hair removal use only. It is suitable for full-body hair removal. Please do not use this handset close to your eyes (eyelashes & eyebrows). The device is most effective on black & dark brown hair; it is not suitable for red, white, grey, or blonde hair (Refer to the following color contrast card)

IMAGE - Skin and Hair color contrast card

5. How to use

5.1 Use an alcohol wipe, rag, towel, paper towel, or moist towelette to clean the glass window.

*NOTE* shave or trim the hair on the desired treatment area to skin length before using the device to reduce pain and increase effectiveness.

5.2 Plug in the power cable and press the “power button” for 2-3 seconds. The device will start (the LCD screen is bright, and you can hear the system running). *The device is not chargeable and must be plugged in.

5.3 Ice Cold Mode: Press the snowflake button to toggle the feature on and off

*Note* After powering the device, the “HR” indicator will display on the screen.
Move the flash window/port to your skin; you will see the “HR” indicator light flickering. A human body induction sensor is built into the flash window (for safety), and the sensor will sense skin when you get close to it.

The “HR” light indicator must be flickering; otherwise, the device will not work. If you find that the “HR” is not blinking, bring it closer to your skin until it does flicker.


5.4 Click the power button to select a suitable intensity level (8 levels indicated on the screen.) The diagram below shows the intensity level from low to high. You can make adjustments in the sequence shown with a power button click. If this is your first time using an IPL, start at level one (1) and do a “patch test,” then wait two (2) hours before continuing

5.5 After choosing your level, move the flash window to your desired treatment area, which can cover the flash window completely; you will see the “HR” light flickering, and then click the flash button.

5.6 Automatic flash mode: If you want to switch to automatic flash mode, press the flash button for two (2) seconds, and you’ll see “A” displayed on the bottom left of the screen. When you release the button, the flash window will light up as soon as it touches the skin. To return to manual mode, press the flash button again; the “A” should no longer be displayed on the screen.

*Note* Repeat treatments (flash/pulse) in each area 2-3 times during each weekly session for the best results. In other words: flash each area you treat up to three (3) during each session

5.7 Power off: Press the power button for two (2) seconds to shut it down

5.8 When finished using, please clean the flash window using an alcohol wipe or wet wipe (After frequent use, there will be white dew spots inside the flash lens, this is normal and will not affect device usage or effectiveness)

5.9 Your skin may lose moisture after treatments (not permanently); use a hydrating lotion or aloe vera gel to retain moisture

5.10 It takes time for the IPL to convert electric energy into light energy for hair removal. The higher the level, the slower the light output interval will be. The light output interval will be about ~ 0.8 seconds at level one (1) and ~ 2 seconds at level eight (8).

6. Hair Management Process

6.1 Test before use: You must check for adverse reactions before fully committing to this device. You can do so by conducting a skin/patch test two (2) hours before any hair removal procedure.

Test method: On a small area of skin on the inside of the upper arm, start from levels 1-3 and flash the device once (side by side). After two (2) hours, if you notice burns, sharp pain, blistering, or other unlikely severe symptoms, discontinue use and consult a doctor before using again.

Swelling and redness are common and most likely will happen depending on the level you choose due to the heat emitted by the device.

Both symptoms usually subside within a few minutes or hours. Use the cold feature to reduce the chances of these happening.

Remove the number of times from the image.

7. Device Operation Notes

7.1 Do not flash near or directly at the eyes when in use.

7.2 After treatment, some skin redness is normal. You can cool the area with ice water or a cold, damp towel.

7.3 Ensure your skin is clean and free of all substances before using the IPL. Please do not use it with other cosmetics like water gel products.

7.4 If you have dark skin, a reaction may not be readily apparent and may be delayed; in this case, ensure the two (2) hour waiting period is followed before increasing the intensity setting.

7.5 Continue to look after your skin by moisturizing and using sunscreen.

7.6 Do not block the air inlet and the cooling outlet not to affect the device’s cooling.

7.7 Hair stuck to the device may cause some blank spots but does not affect its performance and regular use.

7.8 The inner walls of the lamp will appear different degrees of black after prolonged use; this results from the normal aging process of the tubes. Don’t worry, and continue to use it as usual.

7.9 This product is not waterproof.

7.10 if there are any faults or malfunctions, immediately unplug the device.

7.11 Don’t store the device near strong magnetic fields or in moist, dusty, and high-temperature places.

7.12 Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

8. Technical Parameters

Guarantee: This product is guaranteed against material and quality defects for one (I) year from the original purchase or receipt date as a gift.

Should this product become defective during the guarantee period, contact or return it to the store of purchase with your proof of purchase for repair or replacement.

The guarantee becomes invalid in the case of misuse, alteration, or repair by unauthorized persons. This product is designed for domestic use only, and use within a professional environment will invalidate the guarantee.

Thank you so much for choosing KetchBeauty.