20 Ways to Stop Facial Hair Growth in Females Naturally

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Facial hair growth is a common trait in both males and females. However, women have more sensitive skin and a lesser degree of facial hair growth than men due to certain reasons.

It is completely natural for females to have hair growth on the upper lip and chin, but coarse and excessive hair growth can dull the tone and glow of the skin.

Home remedies can be used to get rid of unwanted facial hair. These are thought to be cheaper and safer than more advanced methods like laser hair removal, electrolysis, facial epilation, etc. Prescription medicines and various drug preparations are also effective in this regard.


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Now, let's jump into the list of the top 20 ways to stop facial hair growth in females naturally.




Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

Reasons Why Women Grow Excessive Facial Hair

How To Stop Facial Hair Growth In Females Naturally

1. Sugaring

2. Honey and Sugar

3. Hone, Sugar and Lemon Juice

4. Cornstarch and Egg white Facemask

5. Turmeric Paste

6. Papaya and Turmeric Paste

7. Milk Wax

8. Gram Flour (Besan) and Almond Oil

9. Banana and Oatmeal Scrub

10. Tea Tree and Lavender Oil

Other Methods to Stop Facial Hair Growth in Females

11. Tweezers

12. Shaving

13. Hair Removal Creams

14. Waxing

15. Laser Hair Removal

16. Electrolysis

17. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal

Medications to Stop Facial Hair Growth

18. Eflornithine

19. Antiandrogens

20. Birth Control




Reasons Why Women Grow Excessive Facial Hair

Reasons Why Women Grow Excessive Facial Hair

Hair growth is a normal biological process, but if you have a lot of hair on your face, it could be because of your genes or a health problem.

  • Hormonal Imbalance: Androgens (Testosterone) are male sex hormones which are also produced in females but in a relatively much lower quantity (one-tenth to one-twentieth of the amount secreted in males). Females with high abnormal levels of androgens due to inheritance, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) show symptoms like acne, excess body hair especially facial and decreased breast size.
  • Virilization: This condition is either innate or acquired at a certain age developing masculine characteristics (excessive facial hair growth and decreased breast size) in females. It occurs due to exposure to male sex hormones at the time of birth or the production of androgens in a high amount at a certain age.
  • Hirsutism: It is also a condition of hormonal imbalance and primarily refers to the growth of rough and thick hair on those areas of the body where females don't usually have hair. This term is, however, generally used for excessive hair growth, especially facial hair. High androgen levels lead to hirsutism and virilization.


How To Stop Facial Hair Growth In Females Naturally

How To Stop Facial Hair Growth In Females Naturally

One of the best ways to remove facial hair is through natural home remedies.

There are both simple and advanced ways to keep your skin soft, smooth, and healthy-looking. Home remedies have been used as a cure for decades.

These are economical and safe because most of the ingredients are from natural sources and because they are easier to understand and apply. 

Advanced techniques, as per the recommendations of dermatologists, like laser removal and electrolysis, are also very efficient in order to get rid of facial hair.

These advanced methods of treatment are also for women who can't take certain medications. 


1. Sugaring


Sugaring is one of the ancient techniques to remove facial hair and other body hair. In this technique, a paste contains sugar, lemon, and water.

The paste is applied in the direction of hair growth and allowed to dry. Once the applied solution has dried, you need to flick off the dried paste in the same direction.

The paste adheres to the hair and removes it from the root, and the method is completely painless.

The hair may grow back again after a month, but it is very thinly dispersed.

It is a non-irritating method for hair removal as it only adheres to the hair and not the skin.

This ancient method has been encouraged by dermatologists, especially for those people who have delicate skin unable to bear painful and hefty methods like waxing, plucking, shaving etc.


2. Honey and Sugar

honey and sugar

It is one of the best methods to treat skin with unwanted hair, as honey heals the dead skin and also exfoliates.

You need to mix one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of sugar in a bowl of water to prepare a peel-off mask.

Mildly heat up the solution for 20 seconds, then apply it to your face. Place a non-woven waxing strip on top and wait for the paste to cool.

Then, pull off the strip in the direction opposite to the hair growth. This method is also efficient for the removal of dead skin and unwanted hair.


3. Hone, Sugar and Lemon Juice

This method is also thought to be a good way to get rid of facial hair if you have dry skin and want to avoid waxing.

You need one tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of sugar, and one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Add water to make the solution thinner, and heat for 2-3 minutes.

Apply the paste after it cools down, and use a waxing strip or cotton cloth to pull the paste against the pattern of hair growth.

This technique is frequently used as it also heals and moisturizes dry skin. 


4. Cornstarch and Egg white Facemask

Cornstarch and Egg white

When mixed with cornstarch and sugar, egg whites are a great way to get rid of facial hair and keep the skin moist.

Mix egg white (great for making a face mask) from a whole egg with half a tablespoon of cornstarch.

Also, add a tablespoon of sugar, and a paste will be formed. Apply the paste to your face or other body parts with unwanted skin and allow it to dry completely.

When the process is complete, peel the dry paste off the skin slowly, in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Egg white is also beneficial for acne-prone skin and tightens the skin.


5. Turmeric Paste

Turmeric Paste

This is one of those remedies that just lies right in your kitchen. Indians often use turmeric paste to get rid of facial hair that isn't too thick.

If your hair is thick, you'll need to try something stronger. Turmeric also heals dark circles, acne, and dullness of skin.

Turmeric paste may get rid of facial hair for good, but using it too often can cause rashes, allergic reactions, and breaks in the skin.

You need to make turmeric paste, which requires 3 tablespoons of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of milk or water.

Mix the ingredients well, and apply the paste evenly on your face or any other body part with unwanted hair.

After 15-20 minutes, rinse your face with warm water, and you will see the fine, threadlike hair loosening and coming off.


6. Papaya and Turmeric Paste

Papaya and Turmeric Paste

Papaya contains the potent enzyme papain in its raw form. This enzyme can loosen tough proteins and is thus effective in weakening hair follicles.

This remedy is so good that if you use it for a few days, it can stop facial hair growth for good.

This technique is considered more effective than waxing to remove unwanted body hair. 

You start by peeling the raw papaya and removing its seeds.

Then you mash the flesh of the papaya to obtain a paste that can be mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric and applied to the skin.

Rinse the face or any other body part with water for 15 minutes, then wait for the paste to dry completely.

Wash off the paste with warm water, and all the unwanted hair will be removed.

This remedy slows down the regeneration of hair and keeps the skin shiny and smooth for a long time.


7. Milk Wax

Milk Wax

Milk waxing is the latest technique that has no side effects. It is better than the painful rational methods of waxing and also helps heal skin dullness.

Gelatin powder and cucumber juice are also used as ingredients in milk wax.

You can also add baking soda, as it gets rid of dead skin cells and assures pain-free hair removal.

You need to mix 2 tablespoons of milk, 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice, 2 tablespoons of gelatin powder, and half a teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl.

Heat the mixture for 10–15 minutes in the microwave, and then use a brush to apply the paste to your skin.

Peel the paste off the skin once it has dried. The dead skin cells and hair will come off with the peeled-off dry mass.


8. Gram Flour (Besan) and Almond Oil

Gram Flour

Everyone knows that gram flour is a good way to get rid of facial hair that you don't want.

It is made with almond oil and rose water, which give dry skin moisture and make it look better.

To prepare this mask, you need to mix two tablespoons of gram flour with one teaspoon of almond oil. Add rose water or regular water to form a waste.

Use your Use your fingers to spread the paste on your face and anywhere else on your skin where you don't want hair.

After the mask has dried, remove it in a circular motion, and the hair will come off with the peeled dry mass.


9. Banana and Oatmeal Scrub

Banana and Oatmeal scrub

Banana is rich in vitamin A and salts like potassium and sodium. It keeps the skin hydrated and lightens the dark spots.

The blend of banana and oatmeal is used as a scrub to remove unwanted facial hair and to combat acne, dryness, and toxicants found in the air.

Blend a ripe banana with two tablespoons of oatmeal and massage on your face for 15-20 minutes.

Wash your face with cool water, and apart from removing the unwanted hair on your skin, this scrub will also make your skin glow.


10. Tea Tree and Lavender Oil

Tea Tree and Lavender Oil

Long-term and continuous use of lavender can permanently remove facial and unwanted hair from the body.

Tea tree oil and lavender oil nourish the scalp and also have antimicrobial properties. Tea tree oil has anti-androgenic properties too and can also cure hirsutism.

Mix both oils together and apply them to the hairy areas of the body with the help of cotton.

Use this remedy 2-3 times a day for a few months to get rid of unwanted coarse hair.

Other Methods to Stop Facial Hair Growth in Females

11. Tweezers

Tweezing is a quick and inexpensive method for the removal of facial hair in a minute.

It is a bit painful, but it does the job rapidly and plucks hair from the deep hair follicles. Tweezing can prevent the hair from regenerating for 5–6 weeks.


12. Shaving

woman shaving

Shaving is one of the fastest ways to cut unwanted body hair, as you can do it even while having a short rinse.

Shaving cuts the hair at the surface of the skin, whether you use an electric shaver or a disposable one.

The drawback of shaving is that it can scuff the outermost layer of skin (the epithelium) and cause roughness and dryness.


13. Hair Removal Creams

hair removal cream

Hair removal creams, or depilatory creams, can ensure pain-free and effective hair removal from the face and other body parts.

It's good because not only does it get rid of unwanted hair, but it also keeps the skin from getting sore or red from shaving or waxing.

Hair removal creams and sprays are so much easier to apply.

All you need to do is apply the product to the target site of the skin, and the hair automatically falls off after the breakdown of its protein.


14. Waxing

Waxing can be done throughout the body and on the face. It is a bit more painful than shaving and tweezing; however, regular use of this technique weakens the hair that grows, so it becomes less painful.

Waxing is recommended to be repeated after the hair has just grown a quarter of an inch long, and it has slight side effects of irritation. 

Both hot and cold waxes are available to remove unwanted hair from the body. Before applying, ensure that the wax is not too hot for the skin; otherwise, it can damage the skin and cause skin burns and discoloration.

Apply the melted wax to the target areas of your skin in strips and pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

You can use ice to cure post-waxing irritation and redness.


15. Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Facial hair removal with laser is mostly done on the upper lip and chin. A concentrated beam of light is used in this method to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time.

This method is expensive and can cause problems with the skin, such as blistering, itching, and scarring.

Aside from being a long process, it gives clean, smooth, and permanently hair-free skin.


16. Electrolysis


It is the use of chemical and heat energy to destroy the growth centers, which remove the individual hairs of the face or body permanently.

Most people don't find it painful, and it helps people who have hirsutism or are changing genders.

The number of sessions of electrolysis required for complete hair removal varies among individuals.

It is a safe procedure, and the chances of getting your skin scarred or burned are very low if the technician is well-trained.


17. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal

This technique is now commonly used as a permanent hair removal method, and it also improves skin pigmentation.

With this method, a ray of light is passed through the skin using an at home IPL handset or a professional grade IPL in salons. 

The light emitted from the IPL targets the root deep inside the hair follicle. The point of attention is the main papilla that causes hair growth and regeneration.

IPL hair removal is a pain-free technique that permanently removes the entire head of unwanted hair from the body within 5–6 sessions.


Medications to Stop Facial Hair Growth

Medications to Stop Facial Hair Growth

18. Eflornithine:

This medication is strictly meant to be applied to facial hair and is only meant to be used under a doctor's recommendation.

It comes in cream form, and applying it to the relevant areas slows down hair growth, causing the hair to become thin and threadlike.

The purpose of this medication is not to remove the hair permanently but to weaken it.

It is applied on the chin or any other area of the face after any hair removal technique.

19. Antiandrogens:

The use of antiandrogens can reduce the level of male sex hormones (testosterone) and reduce their effect on females.

They are especially good at stopping facial hair growth that isn't wanted (called hirsutism) and signs of polycystic ovary syndrome. These are zinc, melatonin, progesterone etc.

Antiandrogen drugs are also practically used in females. The mode of action of antiandrogen drugs is to bind competitively with the proteins called androgen receptors, blocking the androgens' binding sites.

Common antiandrogen drugs are Flutamide, Spironolactone, Cyproterone etc.

20. Birth Control:

Birth control pills are a combination of estrogen and progesterone oral contraceptives that lower the level of androgens, especially testosterone, in females.

These pills mainly inhibit ovarian and adrenal androgen synthesis. Thus, birth control is essential in order to prevent facial hair growth in females.


Females often have trouble with hair growth, but this problem can be fixed with natural remedies and techniques. Sometimes it's linked to an underlying illness, so in those cases, it's important to treat the specific cause.


How can I stop hair from growing on my face as a woman?

As a woman, you can stop hair from growing in unwanted places on your face by using natural remedies like honey and sugar, milk wax, and turmeric paste. You can also opt for advanced techniques like electrolysis, IPL, and laser hair removal.

What is Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is a condition caused by a higher levels of androgens (testosterone) in the female body that results in excessive growth of hair on the face and other body parts.