How to Make Laser Hair Removal Less Painful

  • Apply numbing cream or topical anesthetic
  • Shave before your laser hair removal session
  • Hydrate before treatment 
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Use cooling gel or Ice pack


Numbing Cream For Laser Hair Removal

Using a topical numbing agent might be the most effective way to make laser hair removal less painful.

Many people believe they'll have to go out and buy this separately for the laser treatment but many, if not most laser technicians, has a stock of numbing cream that you can ask about.

The numbing agent will need to be applied at least 5-15 minutes before treatment to make any difference.

Keep in mind that some lasers are not useable if the skin's surface area is not dry, but most are capable.


Laser Hair Removal Cooling Gel

Unlike numbing cream, using cooling gel during and after laser hair removal is very common.

Be sure to check with your laser tech to ask if it's available during treatment.

Having cooling gel applied to your skin is not only soothing but allows the device to glide over your skin without friction, making your session much fast and smoother.


Shave Your Hairs

It's essential to shave within 24hrs of your laser hair removal appointment.

Studies have shown that having longer hairs during laser hair removal will result in more significant pain.

That is why cosmetic technicians generally suggest shaving the area before the treatment.

Shave the hair as short as possible, but make sure it remains visible for the laser to work. Shaving before will also make you less likely to experience irritation.


Avoid caffeine


It may be difficult for some to skip a cup of coffee, but you want to avoid consuming caffeine if possible before laser hair removal.

Caffeine increases pain sensitivity, so it's best to avoid it. If you drink caffeinated tea or other beverages, avoid those as well.


Hydrate Prior to Treatment

Being hydrated will ensure that your skin and body are at peak performance, and research has found that dehydration can make you more sensitive to pain.

You can start preparing your body by increasing your water intake up to 3 days before your laser session but overnight or a few hours before will work just fine.


Bonus Method For Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

If you've tried all the other methods outlined above and are looking for long-lasting hair removal that will be painless no matter what, you may benefit from at-home laser hair removal or IPL hair removal.

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