How to Get Rid of Facial Hair Without Shaving or Waxing

Facial hair is something that everybody has a chance of getting, both men and women alike.

After all, hair is a natural part of the body and for most people around the world, there are going to be at least a few facial hairs here and there.

For some people, this can become extremely problematic.

When the hairs are especially pronounced or high in number, it can be tough to try and combat them, especially if you don’t want to be seen in public with facial hair.

Thankfully, there are a handful of at-home methods that you can work with that also won't damage the delicate skin on your face the way that waxing or shaving have the chance to.

Some of these solutions are designed to work on the short-term and some of these solutions may not help immediately, but may provide the assistance that you need given time and regular application.

Why Shouldn’t You Wax or Shave?

While you might be used to waxing or shaving, or you may be interested in looking at at-home laser hair removal products such as KetchBeauty, you should stay away from waxing or shaving your face.

While it can certainly help in the immediate situation, the skin on your face is far more sensitive and delicate than the skin on your abdomen or legs.

Waxing can cause redness that lasts for a long, long time, as can the exfoliation that you need to do beforehand.

Shaving is a little bit safer in terms of how it treats the skin, but it comes with the risk of nicking your skin, leaving you with a cut on your face where the hair used to be.

Neither of these options are optional, so you should save your good quality hair removal products, such as KetchBeauty, for your legs, bikini line, abdomen, and similar areas with more robust skin.

Using At Home Laser Hair Removal

The best way to get rid of facial hair without waxing or shaving is making use of at home laser hair removal. [check out some of our customers before and after results here

In terms of hair care, this form of hair removal is relatively new, but it makes use of pulsing light to “disable” the hair follicle.

Hair does grow in cycles, so you will need to perform several treatments of laser hair removal, but there are home-use products such as the ones offered at KetchBeauty that you can use without needing to worry about making appointments.

Instead, after a few courses of using laser hair removal, you will be able to watch your facial hair thin out, lighten up, and optimally, fall out and never come back.

It is undeniably one of the best hair removal methods because of its permanence.

Before you know it, you won’t have to think about how you are going to get rid of your facial hair again, and you won’t have any more mornings when you wake up and find unexpected hairs when you rely on this treatment method.

There are many, many benefits to consider when using at home laser hair removal.

For one, you won’t have to worry about damaging your facial skin the same way you have to worry about waxing or shaving it.

There is no risk of rubbing your skin raw with exfoliation products or nicking your skin with a dull blade.

Instead, you can painlessly run the IPL handset over the areas where you want the hair to be removed from.

Different products will offer different instructions as to how often and how long you should use the products, so you will want to pay attention to those when you are using a KetchBeauty IPL to remove your facial hair with.

In the end, if you want to get rid of your facial hair without using damaging methods such as the ones that are most commonly recommended, such as waxing or shaving, you should consider turning to IPL hair removal for a more permanent and safe solution for your skin.

Before you know it, you will look and feel better about yourself, and your skin will thank you for it.


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Consider Tweezing

This solution is exactly as simple as it sounds.

First things first, you should select a set of tweezers that is designed to work with hair so that you don’t run the risk of getting ingrown hairs on somewhere as noticeable as the face.

Armed with the most effective set of tweezers that you want, you can then sit down in front of a mirror and begin plucking.

While this method is the most accessible and often the least expensive method, it is not suitable for people who have a lot of facial hair, or people who do not have the time or patience to sit down and individually pluck hairs.

This method is best suited for people who want to trim their eyebrows without waxing or shaving them or people who tend to develop a rogue hair on their chin and don’t want to invest in some of the more expensive hair treatments for a single hair or two.

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