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How to Feel More Feminine as a Transgender Woman

Femininity is a complex subject for trans women. Womanhood and femininity are beautiful, and as a trans woman, it is probably something you aspire to experience.

Everyone wants to be feminine, but sometimes even estrogen and HRT does not seem to be getting you where you want to be. Without femininity, dysphoria might reach its peak state and thus, it is important to work on ways in which you can feel more feminine as a trans woman. 

First, there are several obvious things you could do, such as put on a pretty dress, wear a pair of cute earrings, get your high heels out, and blow dry your hair for some nice waves. If your hair is not long enough, put on alluring wigs.

There might have been instances where something aroused your femininity, such as dancing or singing or going partying after putting on some great makeup. Do this more often to experience femininity frequently.   

For many trans women, wearing gorgeous lingerie can help them get in touch with their inner woman.

This can be attributed to the fact that trans women seldom feel attractive or desirable in their male bodies or their male clothes. Thus, experimenting with dresses and lingerie can be uplifting and liberating, which are states of being that allow you to be your authentic selves. 


There are many other subtle experiences that can be validating as a trans woman, such as self-care routines, hanging out with your girl friends and discussing gender-specific things, playing with your hair, and so on.

Although you are aware that you are a woman inside, you may not feel like one on a lot of days.

That’s why you need to work on bringing your inner femininity to your external world. 

This is why what is considered to be superficial in the cis world tends to be quite important to trans women.

Dressing up and putting on makeup can help your external attributes reflect your inner self. All of these steps are important to take since, as a trans woman, you may spend a lot of your time feeling like you are inauthentic and faking it.

In social contexts this tends to happen at a lesser frequency since gender-based discourses tend to be limited and there are other topics that may immerse you mentally and intellectually. However, when you are alone, the topic of gender identity is like the elephant in the room.

You do not want to ruminate over it, but it is hard not to think about your journey as it is a big part of who you are.

This way, the external world may validate your inner self by not directing your attention to gender at all. However, when you are alone, you might sometimes feel more masculine than you would like, which could send you down a negative path.    


For many trans women, sexual experiences also tend to be quite validating, when heterosexual men acknowledge their womanhood and engage in intercourse.

Gender is largely defined by a person's sexual domain, and it is also intimately related to it. 

When you begin dressing up as a woman, it is important not to refer to it as cross-dressing, since it can only exacerbate your dysphoria. Moreover, it is completely inaccurate since you are a woman dressing up as a woman. 

Mirror work is another aspect that can help you validate your womanhood. Merely get ready and look at yourself in the mirror.

If you are feeling slightly more adventurous, you could even click pictures of yourself. Initially, seeing your womanhood might be hard even with this technique, but eventually, you will end up seeing it. The “he” will begin to disappear from the mirror, leaving you with yourself. 

The mastery of the female voice is also very comforting to many trans women because it allows them to express themselves more fully as women.

Practice it at home as much as you can and you can also seek the assistance of a voice coach to simplify the process. Consistent practice is key here. 

These are just some of the many things you can do to feel more feminine as a trans woman.

There may be other things that work better for you and some may not be as efficient in helping you connect with your womanhood. We hope this helps. Good luck!!

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