Dealing with SRS Complications: A Trans Woman's Experience

Mathilda Hogberg shares her personal experience with gender reassignment surgery (SRS) complications on her YouTube channel. She talks about the issues she's faced over the past 10 years since her initial surgery. While she doesn't regret having SRS, Mathilda wants to give people a realistic understanding of potential long-term complications.

So, read on to learn more about Dealing with SRS Complications from a trans woman's experience.


Mathilda's SRS Journey

Mathilda had SRS 10 years ago to help alleviate her severe gender dysphoria. In the first year, she dealt with some common complications like infections and pain. One year later, she had her first surgical revision to address tightness and difficulty dilating.

Several years after that, Mathilda started having trouble urinating. She was embarrassed and tried to hide the issues for a year before seeking medical help.

Doctors attempted various treatments, including unpleasant dilation procedures. Ultimately, Mathilda underwent a second major SRS revision surgery a few months ago.


Ongoing Issues and Impact

Initially, after the second surgery, Mathilda experienced some standard bleeding and pain. However, within two weeks, she started having urination problems again. She has a doctor's appointment scheduled to address the recurring issues.

Mathilda feels frustrated and tired of being reminded that she is "different." The complications make her feel dysphoric at times, as she just wants to live a normal life. While she doesn't regret SRS, the lifelong impacts are challenging to accept.


Key Considerations Around SRS

Mathilda wants to ensure anyone considering SRS goes into it with "eyes wide open." She recommends being 100% sure it's the right decision, as there's no going back. Be prepared to rely on doctors for care throughout life, as complications can arise even years later, like in her case.

While SRS can be life-changing in a positive way for many, it's not without risks. Individuals need to be willing to live with the potential complications unique to their situation.

Mathilda is proof that issues can persist long-term. However, she still believes SRS is worth it for those with severe dysphoria.


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Key Takeaways

  • SRS can successfully alleviate gender dysphoria but may involve lifelong complications
  • Be 100% confident in your decision, as there is no reversing the procedure
  • Be prepared to need ongoing medical care, even many years post-op
  • Complications may be frustrating and emotionally difficult
  • Still, SRS can greatly improve the quality of life for those with severe dysphoria
  • Permanent at-home hair removal is an option to aid the transition

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