Can I use IPL on my stomach?

Yes, IPL hair removal can be used on the stomach area.


The laser beam reaches deep skin layers during the treatment of abdomen laser hair removal, but not any deeper – making it safe for health.

The operation is painless in and of itself.

You may feel slight pinching or heat during laser exposure, but it will be far more pleasant than hair removal with wax, sugar paste, or an electric device.


Because the skin in this area is highly sensitive, successful abdomen hair removal should not only be quick and effective, but also long-lasting, as the hair removal method may be uncomfortable and cause follicular irritation in certain locations.


Both men and women may seek laser hair removal on their stomachs, and stomach hair might fluctuate due to hormonal changes in women, such as those experienced during pregnancy.

Although laser hair removal on the stomach is not possible while pregnant, it may be possible after the baby is delivered.

 This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy.

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