Can I use IPL while pregnant?

While there is no evidence that IPL hair removal causes harm to pregnant or lactating women, there is also no proof that it is safe, so it is encouraged for all pregnant or lactating women to postpone IPL hair removal until after they have stopped breastfeeding.


Scientists don't want to risk injuring women and babies by purposely exposing them to potentially harmful items and procedures, therefore there won't be much research on this subject anytime soon.


Despite the fact that IPL hair removal is widely regarded as a safe operation, doctors and dermatologists typically advise women to avoid it because no studies have been conducted to show that it is safe for moms and babies.


Pregnancy also disturbs your usual hair growth cycle. You may require as many as six treatments for IPL hair removal to be effective.

These treatments should ideally be carried out during the active growth phase of the cycle.

However, because pregnant hormones can alter the length of some stages, you may end up having the treatment performed during the incorrect period.


But don't worry, it is advised to do waxing and threading throughout your pregnancy if you want to continue with IPL hair removal treatment.

You can resume IPL hair removal after you've completed breastfeeding!


This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy.