Does IPL Hair Removal Hurt?

IPL isn't very hurtful, although the intensity of the pain varies according to your body type.

Many professional IPL devices include an integrated cooling system that actively cools the skin while the equipment is in use.

This significantly lowers any discomfort experienced throughout the procedure.


There is a minor burning and tingling feeling during a professional IPL hair removal treatment. Swelling and redness can occur in some people.

However, later, cooling packs are administered to alleviate any discomfort. When compared to other hair removal methods, it is less uncomfortable.


IPL hair removal therapy at home: It doesn't tickle at all. It feels like you're being pinched by a rubber band or a hot staple.

It's not at all painful. To avoid any unexpected device misuse, the key is to relax.


This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy.

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