12 Best Electric Shaver For Close Shave

In the modern world, finding the best electric shaver for close shave has become a priority for many.

A sleek, comfortable shave accentuates one’s looks and saves time and effort in our hectic lifestyles.

From rotary shavers to foil razors, the technology and designs of electric razors have evolved immensely.

As you navigate the myriad choices, this guide brings you the top electric shavers on the market today to ensure you achieve that perfect, smooth shave every time.


Side note*

While electric razors offer a quick fix for unwanted hair, they're not the only solution.

As we explore the best electric razors for a close shave on the market in this article, keep in mind that there are long-term, cost-effective hair removal options available as well.

At KetchBeauty, we offer a range of innovative products designed to keep your skin smooth and hair-free for longer periods of time.

So, as you dive into the world of electric razors, remember to stick around to the end, where we'll introduce you to the future of hair removal.



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Best Electric Shavers For Close Shave

Electric shavers have revolutionized the art of shaving. They are designed for precision and minimize razor burn while delivering a close and comfortable shave.

Here are the top 12 electric shavers:


1. Braun Electric Razor for Men Series 7

The Braun Series 7 7085cc Men's Electric Shaver epitomizes shaving technology. Its 360-degree Flex head ensures maximum contact with the skin, making tricky areas easy to handle.

Thanks to AutoSense technology, this electric razor adapts to your beard's density, providing a powerful shave, even for those with dense facial hair. Alongside the superb shaving performance, the 4-in-1 Clean & Charge station keeps your razor charged and ensures it's clean, lubricated, and dry, enhancing the shaver's lifespan.



  • 360-degree Flex head for effective shaving in tricky areas.
  • AutoSense technology adapts to beard density, ensuring a powerful shave.


  • Requires the Clean & Charge station for optimal maintenance.
  • It might be on the pricier side for some budgets.


2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver

From Wahl Professional's exclusive commercial-grade line, the 5-Star Shaver/Shaper showcases style and functionality. Engineered for professional use, this electric shaver guarantees sharp performance.

While its hypoallergenic gold foil promises a razor bump-free experience, even for those with sensitive skin. With a rotary motor powered by a rechargeable battery, you get full speed for up to 60 minutes, ensuring consistent shaving performance.



  • The hypoallergenic gold foil prevents razor bumps and skin irritation.
  • Professional-grade design and performance.


  • Intended mainly for professional use.
  • The aesthetic might not appeal to all users.


3. Ufree Shavers for Men

The Ufree electric shavers for men stand tall in the grooming arena. Boasting sharp titanium blades and powerful linear motors, it promises an ultimate face-shaving experience.

It is Designed to capture short and thick beards and offers a precision close shaving experience without causing skin irritation. A bonus is its embossed metal shape, which is not only sleek but also showcases a mechanical beauty while protecting the foil head.



  • Efficient linear motor for long battery life and quiet operation.
  • Precision close shaving experience with titanium blades.


  • It might not be suitable for coarse, thick, and curly hair without pre-trimming.
  • The protective sleeve is transparent and might not appeal to everyone.


4. Philips Norelco Exclusive Shaver 3800

Philips Norelco brings its prowess to the forefront with the Exclusive Shaver 3800. It employs a 5-directional pivoting head that adjusts to the curves of your face and neck, ensuring a smooth shave.

This electric shaver also boasts ComfortCut blades that glide smoothly over the skin, reducing the risk of razor burn. Whether you prefer a dry shave or a wet shaving experience with foam, this shaver has covered you, even in the shower.



  • 5-directional pivoting head for an adaptive and close shave.
  • Versatile dry and wet shaving options.


  • Operates in cordless mode only.
  • It might not be the best for thick facial hair without multiple passes.


5. Panasonic Electric Razor for Men ARC6

The Panasonic ARC6 electric razor offers a luxurious shaving experience with its technologically advanced design. Built upon centuries of Japanese craftsmanship, its six hypoallergenic stainless steel blades provide a daily ultra-premium shave.

Equipped with Mag-Lev technology, it boasts 84,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, tackling even the thickest beards effortlessly. Moreover, its responsive beard sensor adapts to unique facial contours, ensuring fewer strokes and reduced irritation.


The ARC6 isn't just about performance; it's also a testament to aesthetic brilliance. Sporting a beautiful matte black finish, its ergonomic design feels substantial and lightweight.

This razor seamlessly combines form and function. It can be wet or dry and easy to clean for added convenience. The included charging and cleaning station ensures the razor is always ready and exudes elegance on any vanity or bureau.



  • Most advanced six-blade technology ensures a close, premium shave.
  • Responsive beard sensor adapts to facial contours, minimizing irritation.


  • The premium design may come with a higher price tag.
  • It may require regular cleaning to maintain optimal performance.


6. Remington Foil Shaver

The Remington Foil Shaver is a top pick for those seeking a smooth, close shave. Its Pivot and Flex Foil Technology allows the electric shaver to flex around facial contours, ensuring thoroughness and comfort. With 60 minutes of cordless runtime, users enjoy the freedom of movement without being tethered to an outlet. Moreover, cleaning is a breeze—run it under the faucet.


For added precision, the Remington has a pop-up detail trimmer, perfect for shaping facial hair and sideburns. Another standout feature is the Intercept Shaving Technology, which pre-trims longer hairs between the foils, enhancing the overall shaving experience. Charging is also hassle-free, with a 2-hour charging time, making this electric razor a reliable companion for daily grooming.



  • Pivot and Flex Foil Technology ensures a smooth, close shave.
  • Convenient pop-up detail trimmer for precise facial hair styling.


  • 2-hour charging time might be long for some users.
  • The use of strong detergents or chemicals is discouraged, limiting cleaning options.


7. Kurener Electric Shaver Razor

The Kurener Electric Shaver Razor is designed for those who prioritize comfort and versatility in their grooming routine. Its unique design ensures a close shave by perfectly fitting the curve of the face and neck, significantly reducing irritation.

Cleaning becomes straightforward with its waterproof body—rinse it under the tap. The 4-in-1 multi-functionality sets it apart, offering a beard trimmer, hair trimmer, facial cleaning brush, and nose trimmer.


A stand-out feature of this electric shaver is its dual charging method. Users find it exceptionally convenient through a stand station or direct charging. Moreover, its special Wet & Dry edition allows for both dry shaves and refreshing wet shaves with shaving cream, adding to its adaptability.



  • The 4-in-1 multifunctional design offers diverse grooming options.
  • Dual charging methods provide flexibility and convenience.


  • Multiple attachments might be overwhelming for some.
  • Continuous switching between heads may wear out mechanisms faster.


8. Wahl Clean & Close Electric Razor

Wahl's Clean & Close Electric Razor is a testament to power and convenience. Designed with the modern traveler in mind, it's waterproof up to one meter and features a non-slip grip and travel lock, ensuring safety on the go. The lithium-ion battery stands out, boasting a 90-minute run time with a rapid 1-hour charge and a 5-minute quick charge option.

Advanced foil technology in this electric razor ensures flexible foils that move with the user's movements, guaranteeing a smooth shave every time. Wahl, a trusted brand used by professionals since 1919, ensures top-quality construction and self-sharpening precision blades in this electric shaver. The travel lock feature ensures no accidental turn-ons during transit, proving its user-centric design.



  • Lithium-ion battery offers a long run time with a short charge time.
  • Advanced foil technology provides a consistent, smooth shave.


  • The shaver won't charge if the travel lock is engaged.
  • Continuous usage might require regular blade replacements.


9. Brightup Beard Trimmer for Men

The Brightup Beard Trimmer offers modern electric razor technology and combines multi-functionality and precision. Its all-in-one kit boasts 6 trimmer heads and combs for tailoring beard length and style, ensuring that facial hair is always on point. The kit's ergonomic design includes child safety and travel locks, making it safe and portable.

The 100% washability feature is notable for those who prioritize hygiene; blades detach easily for thorough cleaning. The LED display provides battery status at a glance, and its USB rechargeability ensures up to 90 minutes of run time, which is especially handy during travel.

Men will appreciate the self-sharpening stainless steel blades that promise durability and a comfortable shave. Having two-speed modes, users can select between daily grooming or tackling thicker hair.



  • Multi-functional with 6 trimmer heads for versatile grooming needs.
  • USB rechargeable with long battery life and LED display for convenience.


  • It might be overwhelming for those who prefer simpler shaving tools.
  • Requires regular cleaning for optimal performance.


10. VOYOR Electric Razor

The VOYOR Electric Razor stands out among many electric razors for its effective and adaptable shaving technology. The 3D floating rotary shaver head delivers a close shave by seamlessly adjusting to the contours of the face and neck.

This wet and dry shaver, enhanced by the 4-IN-1 rotary design, allows for a smooth facial shave and trimming sideburns and nose hairs. Moreover, an added facial brush ensures deep skin cleaning.


Its IPX6 waterproof grade makes it suitable for shower shaving or a quick dry shave. An intelligent LCD screen provides battery status, ensuring users are never caught off guard.

With fast charging capabilities, a mere 5 minutes can provide enough power for a single shave, while a 2-hour charge guarantees up to a month of use, making it a powerhouse among most electric shavers.

It's portable, and versatile, and ensures that every shave, whether in a hotel or home, is a refreshing experience. The convenience of choosing between wet and dry shaving is a bonus.



  • Versatile 4-IN-1 rotary design caters to various grooming needs.
  • Fast charging with a long-lasting battery and LCD for battery status.


  • It may require frequent cleaning to maintain the closest shave.
  • The multiple heads might be cumbersome for some users.


11. LOBINH Electric Shaver for Men

LOBINH's Electric Shaver offers an extremely close shave, ensuring no hair is left behind. With 54 self-sharpening blades and double-ring nets, it promises both speed and efficiency in shaving. The 4D floating heads adjust to facial contours, capturing even flat-lying hairs, and the V-Track angle ensures a smooth glide over the skin.

The shaver boasts a 1-hour fast charge, with a battery life that lasts over 90 minutes. Its numeric power display and USB charging make it convenient and efficient. Being 100% waterproof, cleaning is a breeze, and users can choose between wet and dry shaves.

The LOBINH razor is more than just a shaving tool; it blends speed, precision, and convenience. Adding a pop-up trimmer for beards and sideburns gives men the tools for perfect grooming.



  • Advanced 4D floating heads for an extremely close shave.
  • Quick charging with a long-lasting battery and a clear numeric power display.


  • Requires consistent cleaning to maintain sharp blades.
  • It might be too advanced for users who prefer manual razors.


12. Philips Norelco OneBlade

The Philips Norelco OneBlade promises a revolutionary shaving experience. It's designed to trim, edge, and shave any hair length, ensuring users get the best electric shaver experience without compromising skin comfort. The innovative 360 Blade flexes in every direction, adapting to face curves and ensuring a consistent and smooth shave.


What sets this apart from many other electric razors is the inclusion of two distinct blades - one specifically designed for the face and the other for the body.

Its compatibility with wet and dry shaving means users can opt for a quick dry shave or a more luxurious wet shave with foam. Moreover, a USB-A charging cord and a 5-in-1 stubble comb caters to every man's grooming needs.

Having won the 2023 Men’s Health Award for “Best Electric Razor,” the Philips Norelco OneBlade has proven its efficiency and superiority in electric shaving.



  • Innovative 360 Blade technology provides adaptability and a smooth shave.
  • Dual blades for specific face and body grooming ensure a very close shave.


  • A wall power adapter is not included, which may inconvenience some users.
  • Frequent blade replacements might be required for optimal performance.


Benefits of Electric Shavers

  1. Convenience and Speed: Electric shavers eliminate the need for thorough prep, messy lathering, and intricate post-shave cleaning. Use, rinse under the tap, and place in the cleaning station if available. They’re perfect for quick shaves on the go, making them a top choice among modern electric razors.
  2. Comfort: Traditional shaving exposes the skin to sharp blades, leading to nicks, cuts, and irritation. Electric shavers, particularly foil razors, offer a comfortable shave with minimal irritation, making them ideal for sensitive skin types prone to razor bumps.
  3. Versatility with Wet and Dry Shaving: While electric shavers eliminate the need for lathering, they don’t limit you from wet shaving. Most modern devices are waterproof, allowing users to use shaving foam for that barbershop-like wet shave experience, further enhancing shaving performance.
  4. Economical in the Long Run: The initial cost of electric shavers, like Braun shavers or Panasonic ES series, might be high, but with proper maintenance, their longevity ensures they’re cost-effective. Replacement parts like shaver heads or foils might be needed, but they still prove economical compared to frequent blade refills.
  5. Enhanced Experience with Shaving Creams: Those who love the ritual of wet shaving don't have to let go. Pairing electric razors with quality shaving creams can elevate the shaving experience. It blends the comfort of a foil or rotary electric shaver with the luxurious feel of traditional wet shaving.
  6. Compatibility with Favorite Products: Electric shavers don’t restrict you from your favorite shaving products. The best electric shavers cater to all grooming needs, whether it’s a pop-up trimmer for sideburns, nose hair trimmer, beard trimmer attachment, or preferred shaving foam.


Final Words

Exploring the realm of shaving, the debate between manual razors and electric ones, like foil and rotary blades, is unending. However, with technological advancements, the Braun series, Panasonic ES, and Philips Norelco have paved the way for electric razors offering a close shave.

These modern electric razors provide a smooth shave, pivoting head mechanisms to adapt to facial contours, and extended battery life. Whether you opt for rotary electric shavers, or foil electric razors, the future of shaving promises comfort and efficiency.



Which type of electric razor shaves the closest?

Foil razors are generally considered superior in providing the closest shave to rotary razors.

What is the best method for shaving a close shave?

For the closest and smoothest shave with optimal skin comfort, it's best to use light strokes, first shave in the direction of hair growth, and then make re-strokes against the grain.

Do foil shavers get a closer shave?

Yes, foil shavers offer a closer shave. Their micro-foil aligns the skin smoothly without the skin shifting, which might occur with rotary shavers.

Is blade or electric shaver better?

Electric shavers roll up the skin, making hairs stand up for optimal cutting, resulting in a faster shave and fewer risks of cuts or scrapes compared to manual razors.


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