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4 Surprising Foods That Triggers Facial Hair Growth in Women

Many of us believe excessive facial hair growth is caused by some underlying health issues or hormonal disorders.

It may come as surprise to know that your daily diet can also contribute to hair growth in unusual parts of the woman's body, especially the face.

Before treating unwanted facial hair, it's better to get to the root; this will help in the quick elimination of unwanted peach fuzz.

It’s no secret that consuming some foods can impact our body negatively. Weight loss, healing, and hair growth could result from a proper or improper diet.

i.e., some food can influence how the body heals, contribute to weight gaining, and cause facial hair to sprout up when taken without moderation.

If you struggle with excessive facial hair, it’s best to have a second look into your diet before trying some hair removal methods.


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Foods to avoid for hirsutism:


Eggs are nutritionally known as a complete meal on their own as they contain all essential micro-nutrients needed by the body to function well.

This nutrient powerhouse is, without a doubt, unbelievably valuable in our diets.

However, eggs contain nutrients that promote rapid hair growth, such as protein and vitamin D; the duo remains essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Eggs also contain biotin, known for enhancing healthy hair growth and vitamin D, which a significant contributor to testosterone production.

With this, too much-unregulated consumption of egg can be the cause of unwanted hair.

Meat and poultry

Meats from livestock and poultry are the ultimate protein source, an essential nutrient for healthy hair growth.

Other nutrients in meat can also cause testosterone production in the body to increase.

Too much protein consumption, to a great extent, contributes to the conversion of vellus hair to terminal hair…

meaning, there will be an increase in the amount of facial and coarse hair.


Nutritionists are now encouraging the incorporation of potatoes to meals as the gluten-free alternative to bread and pasta.

Potatoes give great nutritional benefits and are a great source of carbohydrates.

Potatoes also contain nutrients that accelerate the production of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone DHT (a converted form of testosterone).

This hormone is one of the androgens that brings about men's physical characteristics and is responsible for puberty regulation in both men and women.

This converted testosterone DHT is more potent and versatile than the parent hormone, and too much of it in women may result in unwelcome or severe hirsutism.


Our full vitamins and nutrients from elementary school, oranges, are one of the most beneficial fruit to the human body, young and old alike.

They are packed with vitamins and contain a liver-essential natural sugar called fructose.

However, oranges can also indirectly contribute to facial hair growth. This is because whenever the liver releases SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) to lower testosterone and DHT's impact on the body.

The fructose present in oranges counteracts the release, causing the amount of DHT and testosterone to increase.

The above are some of the food that can cause facial hair growth that need to be consumed in moderation.

A healthy diet can help prevent or inhibit facial hair growth.


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