What Oils Can I Use To Shave My Face Woman? (10 Best Oils)

Unlocking the secrets of a perfect shave might be hidden in the oils you choose.

Let's delve into some top contenders, from pre-shave oil that prepares your skin to facial oils and prevents dry skin, leaving it moisturized and radiant.

As you dive into the world of the Best Oils To Use To Shave Your Face for women, remember to stick around to the end, where we'll introduce you to the future of hair removal.



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10 Best Oils To Use To Shave Your Face 

1. Dermaplaning Oil

Dermaplaning Oil promises an unparalleled experience by offering an effortless glide for your facial razor, eliminating friction and ensuring the removal of peach fuzz effortlessly.

Not only does it bid farewell to irritating razor burns, but its protective barrier minimizes the chances of nicks, scratches, and bumps. Infused with a concentration of oils and vitamin E, this oil doesn't clog pores but seals in hydration.

A thin layer can be used either as a pre-shave oil or post-shave for a youthful glow. Moreover, its natural scent is a bonus, devoid of artificial fragrances.


  • Expertly blended oil that prevents cuts, ingrown hairs, and irritation.
  • Multi-tasking oil is beneficial both pre and post-shave, leaving skin radiant.


  • It might require a learning curve for optimal use.
  • Everyone might not prefer natural scents.


2. Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Oil

Pacific Shaving Company brings forth a shaving oil that ensures fewer nicks thanks to its precise application that aids in precision.

Enriched with ingredients like avocado oil, it guarantees a smoother skin post-shave without the tightness some creams can cause.

Its travel-friendly size boasts up to 400 shaves, making it a staple for both men and women. Notably, its composition of essential oils makes it perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.


  • Clear application allows precision, especially around blemishes.
  • Highly moisturizing, leaving skin feeling conditioned.


  • It might not be as thick as some users prefer.
  • Essential oil composition might not suit everyone.


3. NOURIA Intimate Pre-Shave Elixir Oil

NOURIA's Elixir Oil is an ingrown hair treatment relieves razor burns and bumps. Formulated specifically for intimate areas, this pre-shave oil boasts HydroLock and is crafted from 12 botanical and organic ingredients.

Its versatility is commendable, with five applications: from a pre-shave activator and after-shave moisturizer to a beard conditioner.

It is tested for all skin types and is free from parabens, phthalates, and other harmful ingredients.


  • Multi-purpose oil with five hallmark applications.
  • Safe and hypoallergenic, catering to all skin types.


  • It might feel too rich for those who prefer lighter oils.
  • Specific formulations might not be ideal for facial shaving for some.


4. Ora's Amazing Herbal

Ora's Amazing Herbal oil is a soothing, moisturizing solution, especially post-shave or sun exposure. It distances itself from petroleum-based ingredients, ensuring an all-natural blend with herbs offering immediate relief.

Grapeseed oil, known for its quick absorption and cooling of essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and tea tree, ensures the skin feels rejuvenated.

The brand prioritizes customer service, emphasizing its commitment to quality.


  • Packed with cooling essential oils, providing instant relief.
  • Free from petroleum and synthetic ingredients, ensuring a natural skincare routine.


  • Specific herbal scents might not be everyone's preference.
  • It might require reapplication more often than other oils.


5. XYZ Skin Gua Sha Glide Face Oil

XYZ Skin Gua Sha Glide Face Oil stands out with its vegan and cruelty-free formula. Designed to balance all skin types, this all-natural blue tansy face oil brings both hydration and benefits when combined with facial massages without clogging pores.

Blue chamomile and squalene contribute to its natural blue shade, offering intense hydration, especially for dry and sensitive skin types.

The serum can be used alongside tools like gua sha, red light wands, or facial razors, ensuring smooth gliding and maximum benefits.


  • All-natural, vegan ingredients that provide deep hydration without clogging pores.
  • Versatile usage, compatible with facial massage tools for enhanced benefits.


  • A specific blue color may not appeal to everyone.
  • It might require pairing with tools for optimal results.


6. Efua Oil

Efua Oil, crafted in the USA, offers a potent solution for those who suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Designed for both men and women, this oil provides relief post-shaving or waxing, addressing issues like redness and irritation.

By incorporating ingredients like Tea Tree, Oregano oil, and Lavender oil, Efua Oil doesn't just treat but also encourages the skin to heal.

It's a versatile product that can be used across various body parts, from the face to the bikini line, delivering optimal results within a week.


  • Formulated with high-quality ingredients that soothe and heal skin.
  • Versatile usage, effective on multiple body areas post-shave/wax.


  • The best results were seen only after consistent usage for seven days.
  • Regular exfoliation (3-5 times a week) is required for severe cases.


7. Tree Hut Bare Moroccan Rose Moisturizing Shave Oil

Experience the allure of a warm, romantic floral aroma with Tree Hut Bare Moroccan Rose Moisturizing Shave Oil. Its unique gel-to-oil formulation ensures a smooth glide during shaving, reducing the chances of nicks, cuts, and irritations.

Enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Natural Shea Butter, this shave oil hydrates the skin while promoting elasticity, ensuring a radiant glow post-shave.


  • Proprietary technology provides enhanced contact between razor and skin.
  • A unique blend of nourishing oils and Shea Butter for superior hydration.


  • It might require a rinse-off post-shaving due to its oil consistency.
  • Everyone may not prefer the strong floral scent.


8. Prevent Ingrown Hairs with Fur Oil

Fur Oil is formulated to be your intimate skin's best friend. This oil promises to soften skin and hair, preventing the dreaded ingrown hairs.

A blend of Jojoba oil, Grape Seed oil, Clary Sage oil, and Tea Tree oil works collectively to moisturize and heal the skin.

Whether you wax, shave, or keep it natural, Fur Oil maintains your skin's softness, ensuring that your intimate areas remain smooth and irritation-free.


  • Multifunctional use, from softening cuticles to conditioning the scalp.
  • It contains natural ingredients that actively prevent ingrown hairs.


  • It might be too oily for certain skin types.
  • Specific formulations may not be suitable for those allergic to certain essential oils.


9. P P Tree Hut Tropic Glow Shave Oil

Dive into the summer sensation with the P P Tree Hut Tropic Glow Shave Oil. The gel-to-oil formula ensures a hydrating and smooth shaving experience.

Enhanced with proprietary technology, this shave oil prevents irritation, making it perfect for those prone to skin issues post-shaving.

The scent, a blend of Almond, Golden Amber, and Australian Sandalwood, transports you to a tropical paradise, while ingredients like Cupuaçu Butter and Pistachio Oil keep the skin hydrated.


  • Provides enhanced razor-skin contact for a closer shave.
  • Comes with a free white bath/shower loofah for a complete shaving experience.


  • It might not be suitable for those who prefer unscented products.
  • Gel-to-oil consistency may require thorough rinsing.


10. Truly Beauty Smooth Legend

The Truly Beauty Smooth Legend is the quintessential kit for a flawless shave.

Designed to exfoliate, hydrate, and prevent ingrown, this set is the solution for irritation-free, smooth skin.

It offers a complete shaving regimen starting from the Smooth Legend Pre Shave Scrub, followed by the Happy Hairless Shave Butter, and ending with the Glazed Donut Shave Oil. Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients, this vegan and cruelty-free set promises to transform your shaving experience.


  • Offers a comprehensive 3-step shaving regimen for optimal results.
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA, ensuring high quality.


  • Multiple products might be cumbersome for some users.
  • Specific steps might be time-consuming for those in a rush.


Benefits of Using Shave Oils For Women

  1. Reducing the Risk of Ingrown Hairs: Ingrown hairs are the nemesis of a smooth shave, often leading to pain and potential infections. Both men and women strive for a clean shave without these irritations. Pre-shave oils can make a huge difference. These oils prepare the skin by softening the hair, ensuring a closer and smoother shave. This reduces the chances of hairs curling back and growing into the skin, a primary cause of ingrown hairs. Especially for women, ingrown hairs on visible areas like the face can be distressing. Incorporating a pre-shave oil into the routine can substantially mitigate this issue.

  2. Eliminating Razor Burn: Razor burn is a familiar but unwelcome aftermath of shaving. This skin irritation, characterized by redness, itching, and sometimes even bumps, occurs due to dry shaving, using blunt razors, or repeatedly shaving an area. Pre-shave oils play a crucial role in preventing razor burns. They act as a protective barrier, retaining moisture and ensuring the razor glides effortlessly on the skin. This moisturizing effect minimizes friction, reducing the risk of razor burn. This protective layer is particularly beneficial for women, whose skin might often be more sensitive, allowing for a comfortable and rash-free shaving experience.

  3. Preventing Nicks and Cuts: Shaving requires precision, and nicks and cuts are often unintended. These minor injuries aren't just painful and embarrassing, particularly on the face or visible areas. Pre-shave oils enhance shaving by creating a slick layer on the skin. This oily consistency ensures the razor effortlessly glides, reducing the chances of it catching or dragging on the skin. The oil serves as a buffer, preventing direct blade-to-skin contact, which can lead to cuts. For women, using a quality pre-shave oil can transform the shaving ritual from a challenging task to a seamless process.


Final Words

Shaving for women goes beyond aesthetics; it's about comfort, confidence, and skin health. Integrating pre-shave oils into the routine offers myriad benefits, from preventing ingrown hairs and razor burns to avoiding nicks and cuts.

These oils, rich in natural ingredients, enhance the shaving experience and nourish the skin. They provide an essential protective barrier, ensuring the razor glides smoothly, minimizing potential damage.

Whether you're battling the coarse hair of the underarms or the fine hairs of the face, pre-shave oils can be the game-changer, ensuring every shave is efficient and skin-friendly.



What Face Oil Do I Use To Shave My Face?

Squalane oil is a top recommendation due to its ability to deeply penetrate the skin, restoring it to its natural balance.

Can I Shave My Face With Face Oil?

Absolutely! Applying a facial oil rich in emollients protects the skin barrier and improves glide, making it comparable to traditional shaving creams and gels. This method reduces skin irritation and the chance of nicks.

Do I Need To Put Oil On My Face Before Shaving?

Applying Pre-Shave Oil, an integral step in The Art of Shaving's trademarked "4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™," forms a protective layer on the skin. Made with olive and castor oils, it enhances razor glide and prevents irritation.

Can I Use Coconut Oil On My Face To Shave?

Definitely! Coconut oil can be a shaving cream for the entire body, including the face. But be cautious if you have oily skin, as coconut oil may cause breakouts for those with very greasy skin types.


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