😈 The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a FemBoy 🧎‍♀️

femboy guide

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a femboy?

Do you want to embrace your feminine side through fashion, grooming, and lifestyle? Well, you've come to the right place!


In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into everything you need to know to transform yourself into a fabulously cute femboy.

Whether you're just starting your femboy journey or looking to take your look to the next level, in this ultimate guide to becoming a femboy, you'll find tips for styling, beauty, exercise, and fully embracing your inner femininity.

We'll also bust some common myths about femboys and give you the confidence to be your true self.


Who/What is a Femboy?

First things first, what exactly is a femboy? A femboy is a male that embraces feminine physical features and styles of dress that are culturally considered feminine.

The main aspects of being a femboy include:

  • Dressing femme
  • Identifying as male
  • Crossdressing
  • Embracing cuteness


Femboys can have all types of body types and styles. It's about embracing your feminine side through fashion, grooming, and attitude.

Some key things to remember: you don't have to be gay to be a femboy, and you don't need any drugs or surgeries to transform your style.

Just have fun with fashion and self-expression!


Getting Started with Femboy Fashion

Starting simple is the key to exploring femboy fashion. Thigh-high socks are a classic gateway into femboy styles.

Pair some socks with a skirt for an instant femboy look. Oversized hoodies can also help ease into femme dressing, even in hot weather.

Maid outfits are a popular starter outfit choice for many femboys. Goth styles like long sleeves and dark colors are also common beginner looks.

femboy outfits

When buying clothes, pay close attention to sizing charts. Women's sizes run smaller than men's.

For shoes, women's sizes are about 1.5 times smaller than men's. For Asian sizes, you may need to size up 1-2 sizes compared to US sizes.

Try different brands and styles to find what fits your body best.

Build up your wardrobe slowly, and don't be afraid to start small until you feel comfortable. Thrift stores are great places to explore styles without spending a lot.


Grooming Tips for Soft Femboy Skin

Having soft, smooth, hairless skin is a hallmark of the femboy aesthetic.

 Here are some top tips for getting pillowy-soft skin from head to toe:


  • Shaving leads to stubble and irritation. Waxing or an epilator removes hair longer-lasting hair removal with smooth results.

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femboy guide

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  • Exfoliate regularly with a body scrub to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh new skin. Focus on elbows, knees, and other dry areas.

 We recommend the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub for this job. 

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  2. Deeply nourish and balance skin’s hydration to help restore skin's natural glow
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  • Moisturize daily with a top-quality body lotion. Avoid cheap brands that can cause irritation.

A great moisturizer to start with is the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream for face and body. It's has 125K plus reviews and rated 4.8/5 stars at the time of writing this. You can get it on Amazon for less than $20 



  • Be extremely gentle when cleansing your face to prevent dryness or irritation. Use a soft towel and light touch.


  • Use a light, natural-looking foundation, and concealer to even out skin tone and create a flawless canvas for other makeup.

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  • Take care of your lips with a lip scrub and balm. Soft lips are a femboy necessity!


 When it comes to soft lips, we recommend getting a lip kit that includes everything you need and saves you money in the process. 

The Lick Your Lips 6-in-1 Lip Care Kit

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Don't expect perfect skin overnight. Finding the right products and techniques takes time. But stick with it and you'll be a soft femboy in no time!


Workouts for a FemBoy Body

Femboy workout

You don't need an intense workout routine to have a slim, toned, cute femboy body. In fact, too much muscle mass can take away from that soft, delicate look.

Focus on cardio such as walking, cycling, dance, or aerobics to stay slim and toned without bulking up. Yoga is also great for flexibility and balance. Eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies to nourish your body.

If you want to slim down, aim for a calorie deficit by eating slightly less than you burn each day.

Be patient - safe weight loss takes time. But going the healthy route will pay off when you're rocking those crop tops!

femboy exercise

 get feminine body as a guy

Presenting Feminine Through Styling and Attitude

Fashion and grooming are just one aspect of being a femboy. You also want to embrace femininity through personal styling, body language, and attitude.

Sit with great posture - keep your back straight, shoulders back, and head high. Cross your legs elegantly or keep your knees together when sitting. Move gently and gracefully.

In conversation, speak softly and kindly. Smile and make eye contact. Engage your feminine energy.

Try out makeup styles that enhance your features. Experiment with hairstyles that frame your face. Find accessories that express your unique flair.

Let your inner beauty shine through in how you speak, move, and interact with the world. Be playful and have fun with it!


Busting Myths and Respecting Identity

Now that we've covered all the tips and tricks, let's bust some harmful myths about femboys.

First, being a femboy does not have any relation to sexuality or gender identity.

You do not need to identify as LGBTQIA+ or transgender to be a femboy. Femboy is about fashion and expression, not sexuality or gender.

Second, there is no one way to "look" like a femboy. Femboys come in all shapes, weights, heights, and styles. 

Finally, and most importantly, don't call someone a femboy unless they personally identify that way.

Always respect how individuals label their own gender identity and expression. Femboy is not a term you can place on others.


In Summary

  • Start simple with thigh highs, skirts, and oversized hoodies
  • Shop around to find clothes that fit your body type
  • Exfoliate, moisturize and remove hair for ultra-soft skin
  • Do cardio for a slim, toned physique
  • Sit, speak, and move gracefully to present feminine
  • Bust myths and respect people's identities
  • Have fun and be confident embracing your femboy side!

The key to being a FemBoy is having fun with fashion while being your authentic self. Now get out there and slay cutie!


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