Panasonic Body Groomer GK80 Review


For those on the hunt for an electric shaver that caters to sensitive skin while offering versatility and precision, the Panasonic Body Groomer GK80 is a noteworthy contender.

This grooming tool stands out for its thoughtful design and features that cater to the nuances of body grooming.

Let's delve into what makes the GK80 a remarkable choice for those with sensitive skin and intricate grooming needs.


Tailored for Sensitive Skin and Hard-to-Reach Areas

The Panasonic Body Groomer GK80 is ingeniously designed to address the challenges of shaving sensitive and hard-to-reach body regions.

Its wide-edge blade, in tandem with an ergonomic I-shaped body, grants superior control and ease, allowing for a meticulous grooming experience.

This design ensures that even the most intricate areas can be navigated without causing skin irritation, a crucial aspect for those with sensitive skin.


Comfortable and Versatile Shaving Experience

This electric shaver takes versatility to the next level. Equipped with a blade and three attachments, it skillfully trims hair down to 0.1mm, offering a clean, close shave without the risk of nicks or cuts.

Whether you're grooming dense hair or aiming for a subtle trim, the GK80 adapts seamlessly to your needs.

Furthermore, its waterproof design enhances its functionality, enabling both in-shower and dry shaving.

This feature not only adds a layer of convenience but also makes the shaver suitable for a variety of grooming preferences.


Ideal for Travel and Everyday Use

The Panasonic Body Groomer GK80 is a traveler's delight, thanks to its compact size and commendable 50-minute battery life.

Whether you're on a business trip or a leisurely vacation, the GK80 proves to be a reliable grooming companion, ensuring you look your best wherever you go.


Pros and Cons

Understanding the strengths and potential drawbacks of the Panasonic Body Groomer GK80 is essential in evaluating its suitability for your grooming routine:


  • Ergonomic and Sleek Design: Offers a comfortable grip and ease of use.
  • Efficient Trimming: Achieves a significant trim in just a couple of passes, suitable for different hair lengths.
  • Waterproof Capability: Allows for versatile usage, both in and out of the shower.
  • Simple Operation: User-friendly, making it suitable for all users, regardless of their grooming expertise.
  • Travel-Friendly: Compact and equipped with a long-lasting battery, making it ideal for on-the-go grooming.


  • Extended Initial Charge Time: Requires a longer charge time initially, which might be a minor inconvenience for some users.



The Panasonic Body Groomer GK80 emerges as a top-tier choice for those seeking an electric razor that balances sensitivity, precision, and versatility. Its design and features cater to a wide range of grooming needs, making it a valuable addition to any personal care repertoire.

While the initial long charge time is a slight downside, the overall performance, convenience, and adaptability of the GK80 make it a solid investment for anyone looking for a reliable, skin-friendly grooming tool.

Whether for daily maintenance or special occasions, the Panasonic Body Groomer GK80 stands ready to deliver a superior grooming experience.





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