The Best Electric Razors For Sensitive Skin | Buyers Guide

Sensitive skin demands extra care when it comes to shaving.

To ensure a comfortable and irritation-free experience, it's crucial to choose an electric razor that prioritizes comfort, closeness, and reliable battery life.

In this article, we've curated a list of electric razors specifically designed for sensitive skin.

These razors feature hypoallergenic blades, adjustable settings, skin guards, and more to cater to your unique needs.


1. Philips Norelco 9800 Rechargeable Wet Dry Electric Shaver

  • Price: ~ $207.96
  • Rating: 4.5 (1.8K reviews)

The Philips Norelco 9800 Electric Shaver boasts Dual SteelPrecision self-sharpening blades that deliver up to 150,000 cutting actions per minute.

It features a Protective SkinGlide coating that reduces friction on the skin by 25%, ensuring a gentle yet effective shave for sensitive skin.


2. Braun Series 9 9370cc - Travel-Friendly Option
  • Price: $239.99 (on sale from $300)
  • Rating: 4.1 (331 reviews) 

The Braun Series 9 9370cc is suitable for wet or dry shaving and incorporates five shaving elements that capture more hair in a single stroke.

Its long-lasting battery provides up to 60 minutes of cordless use, making it an ideal choice for travel.



3. Andis Profoil Lithium Plus
  • Price~ $56.93
  • Rating: 4.7 (224 reviews) 

The Andis Profoil Lithium Plus features a gold-titanium, hypoallergenic foil for a comfortable and close shave.

Its lithium-ion power pack offers up to 80 minutes of runtime on a single charge, making it a reliable option for sensitive skin.



4. Wahl Smart Shave
  • Price~ $69.99
  • Rating: 4.3 (681 reviews) 

The Wahl Smart Shave is suitable for all hair types and provides a comfortable and irritation-free shave for sensitive skin.

Its smart design ensures a smooth grooming experience, and it's built to last.


  • Price: $139.99
  • Rating: 4.6 (46 reviews) 

BaByliss Pro's Titanium Foil Shaver features an all-metal housing with twin hypoallergenic titanium foils.

This razor delivers a close shave without compromising skin comfort and offers a robust and reliable shaving experience.


6. Panasonic Close Curves ES-2207P - Ideal for Coarse Hair
  • Price: $34.99
  • Rating: 4.4 (2.4K reviews) 

The Panasonic Close Curves ES-2207P is a cordless compact shaver designed to fit comfortably into your palm.

Its white and pink sleek design adds a touch of style to your grooming routine, though it might be on the pricier side.


7. Remington R4000 Series Rotary Shaver
  • Price: $49.99
  • Rating: 4.3 (613 reviews) 

The REMINGTON R4000 Series Rotary Shaver offers dependable Advanced Cordless Power with up to 50 minutes of cordless runtime.

Its pivoting rotary head adjusts to any angle, ensuring a comfortable and precise shave.



8. Philips Norelco Wet and Dry Electric Shaver 3500 - Versatile Option.
  • Price: $49.99 (on sale from $75)
  • Rating: 4.3 (1.5K reviews) 

The Philips Norelco Wet and Dry Electric Shaver 3500 can be used cordless or with the power cord attached. While some users report a short lifespan, it offers versatility and convenience for those with sensitive skin.



9. Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc - The Ultimate Shaving Experience
  • Price: $379.87 (on sale from $639)
  • Rating: 4.7 (2,674 reviews)

The Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc offers the closest, cleanest, and quickest shave.

It provides a smooth and consistent shaving experience, ensuring minimal irritation for sensitive skin.


Conclusion: Sensitive skin deserves special care, especially when it comes to shaving.

The electric razors listed above cater to the unique needs of those with sensitive skin, offering features like hypoallergenic blades, adjustable settings, and skin-friendly designs.

With these options, you can achieve a comfortable and irritation-free shaving experience that keeps your skin looking and feeling its best.


Tips for Using an Electric Razors for Sensitive Skin

When using electric razors, especially for those with sensitive skin, it's crucial to adhere to certain practices to ensure a comfortable and effective shave.

Here are tips to keep in mind:

  • Dry Shaving: Electric razors often work best on dry skin, as this allows for a more effective grip on hairs. Moisture can interfere with the razor's performance, so ensure your skin is dry before starting.
  • Charged Razor: Before shaving, make sure your electric razor is fully charged. A well-charged razor provides a consistent, uninterrupted shave, reducing the risk of pulling hairs or causing irritation.
  • Gentle Pressure: Avoid pressing the razor too hard against your skin. Modern electric razors are designed to glide smoothly over contours without the need for excessive pressure, which can lead to irritation.
  • Direction of Hair Growth: Shave against the direction of hair growth for a closer shave. This technique helps to lift and cut flat-lying hairs more effectively.
  • Pre-Trim Long Hair: If you haven't shaved for a while and have longer hair, consider trimming it first. This will make the electric shave more comfortable and efficient.
  • Cleaning the Shaver: Regularly clean your electric razor to maintain its performance. Many razors come with a cleaning station for convenience.
  • Replacing Worn Parts: Inspect and replace any worn parts like the shaving head to ensure a high-quality shave.
  • Post-Shave Care: After shaving, use a quality, soothing, alcohol-free balm to calm the skin and reduce irritation.
  • Choosing the Right Razor: Select an electric razor that suits your specific skin and hair type. Consider features like battery life, blade sharpness, and additional elements like a cleaning station.
  • Enjoy the Process: Take your time with your shaving routine, treating it as a part of your self-care regimen.

In summary, for those with sensitive skin, using an electric razor involves a balanced approach of maintaining dry skin, using a fully charged and clean shaver, applying gentle pressure, following hair growth direction, and concluding with appropriate skin care.

The key is to find a razor that aligns with your skin type and shaving habits, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience.



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