MTF Bottom Surgery- Preparing for SRS

SRS, sexual reassignment surgery, gender confirmation surgery, and bottom surgery are various names assigned to the same procedure.

For many trans women, this is a crucial step although not in all cases.

The healing period after the bottom surgery is long and arduous. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that you are properly prepared before this big step.   


Hair Removal

This is something that is not addressed often. However, it is important to know that surgeons require you to have undergone laser removal and electrolysis to a certain extent before you are ready for the surgery.

The surgeons will mention the specific areas where you must get your hair removed. However, today, IPL laser hair removal system like ours makes this process easy and less expensive.  



While this advice is not exactly related to the surgery, it is important nonetheless. After surgery, doctors recommend bed rest for several weeks.

As a result, it is very important to clean up your living space before the procedure.

A clean space leads to a calm mind. Moreover, since you cannot engage in any physical labor after the surgery, it is best to complete the cleaning-related tasks beforehand.

You do not want to be bed-ridden in a messy room for several weeks. These few weeks are for healing and a clean environment will be conducive to that.  



As stated above, you will be required to rest for several weeks, since this is a major surgery that requires enough time for healing.

To ensure that you do not get bored during this stage, you need to find things to keep you entertained.

So, find a simple hobby such as reading and subscribe to all the OTT platforms. You can turn to video games or even knitting to keep you occupied and distracted.

Before heading to the hospital, also make sure that all your devices are charged, so you can just jump into your bed and start watching or playing something once you are home.        



While this step is optional, it can help to work out and get in shape. While looking great is definitely on the agenda, getting fit will also help you recover faster from the surgery.

This is an extremely invasive procedure and thus, it really helps to be fit. In fact, a lot of surgeons mandate being under a specific BMI.

Being healthy and fit can also help you quickly regain sensation down there so you can experience pleasure again.

Exercise must be juxtaposed with good food as well if you really want to work on your fitness.

Do not put your body through more stress before the big surgery and avoid smoking and drinking as much as you can.    


Connect With Yourself

Surgery is a big step. But, before that, it is really important to get in touch with yourself.

Understand who you are as a woman and who you want to be. Accept your body for what it is even before the operation.

The fact is that it is never completely going away. It is just manipulated through surgery to create your vagina.

As a result, it is important to be able to accept that part of yourself.   


Shopping and Packing

Before your surgery, your surgeon will provide you with a shopping and packing list. While this is not an exhaustive list, it is quite helpful.

Some of the things that you are expected to carry are vitamins and supplements, pads, lube, T-shirts, loose underwear sports bra, loose skirts or pants, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, skincare products, hair brushes, hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, glasses, sunglasses, deodorant, perfume, and your devices for entertainment purposes.

Carrying a journal with you is a great idea since you can document your experience and feelings, to truly witness how you have transitioned into a beautiful woman. 



The surgery is undoubtedly expensive. However, this pointer looks beyond that.

If you are a working individual who pays your own bills, you will be required to take a few weeks’ off following the surgery.

During this time you may not be able to make any money at all and as a result, it is very important to have enough savings to get you through this procedure.

Another option is to have a side hustle that you can still rely on even when you are on bed rest.   


Along the same line, inform your superior as to how long a break you would require.

If you are in school, determine how you are going to make up for all the missing coursework. 

By applying for TDI or temporary disability insurance, you can still get paid while you're recovering.


Mental Health

Finally, although this is a big step, it is not always rainbows and unicorns. The entire process, right from the preparation stage to post-op, can be very overwhelming both physically and mentally.

Post-op depression is very real.

The initial phase of recovery is particularly challenging. The vagina is still healing, so it does not look great, it hurts, and you need to dilate it constantly. 

Thus, it is recommended to take this big step only when you are in a good space mentally. Otherwise, your mental condition can deteriorate. 


So these are some tips to help you prepare for SRS. We hope this helped. Good luck!!  


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