How to Be More Feminine | MtF transition

Being feminine means different things to different people. Here are some tips on how to be more feminine that may help you feel more feminine, regardless of your gender identity.


Take Care of Yourself

  • Eat healthy foods and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise regularly to release feel-good endorphins.
  • Establish a skincare routine to keep your skin looking its best.
  • Maintain good hygiene and grooming habits like showering, shaving, using deodorant and perfume/cologne.
  • Get enough sleep and reduce stress. Take time for self-care.

Style Your Hair

  • Style your hair in traditionally feminine ways like blowouts, updos, braids, etc.
  • Use accessories like headbands, barrettes, and bows.
  • Get regular trims and use products to enhance shine and texture.
  • For short styles, opt for a feminine cut with longer layers.

Wear Makeup

  • Apply makeup in a natural, subtle way for the daytime. Use products like tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip gloss.
  • Do more dramatic makeup for nights out - smoky eyes, contouring, bold lips.
  • Well-groomed brows also look very feminine.
  • Watch tutorials to learn new techniques and looks.
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Dress Femininely

  • Wear traditionally feminine silhouettes like skirts, dresses, blouses, and heels.
  • Look for details like ruffles, lace, florals, and pastel hues.
  • Highlight your waist. Wear belts, fitted styles, and wrap dresses.
  • Show off your legs and collarbone. Wear shorter hemlines and open necklines.


  • Incorporate feminine jewelry like dainty layered necklaces, hoop earrings, and bracelets.
  • Carry a cute handbag like a crossbody, tote or clutch.
  • Wear scarves, hair accessories, and hats.
  • Try hosiery, belts, and shoes with a heel.

Remove Unwanted Hair

  • Use an at-home IPL device like the KetchBeauty hair remover to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair. This can help you achieve a smooth, feminine look.
  • The KetchBeauty IPL device uses pulses of light to permanently reduce hair growth. It's safe, fast, and easy to use at home.

Focus on Graceful Movements

  • Move gently and gracefully. Take smaller, delicate steps.
  • Gesture with your hands when speaking.
  • Sit with your knees together and ankles crossed.
  • Practice good posture - don't slouch. Keep your chin up.

Exude Confidence

  • Smile and make eye contact. Have an open, approachable demeanor.
  • Speak gently and warmly. Don't be afraid to show emotion.
  • Embrace your femininity and focus on positive self-talk.
  • Support and empower other women.

Femininity is fluid and personal. Do what feels authentic, comfortable, and empowering for you. Focus on self-love and confidence from within.



In conclusion, being more feminine is a personal journey and can mean different things to different people. However, there are some tips that may help individuals feel more feminine, regardless of their gender identity. 

These tips include taking care of oneself through healthy eating, exercise, skincare, and self-care, styling hair in traditionally feminine ways, wearing makeup, dressing femininely, accessorizing, removing unwanted hair, focusing on graceful movements, exuding confidence, and embracing one's femininity. 

It is important to remember that femininity is fluid and personal, and individuals should focus on what feels authentic, comfortable, and empowering for them. Ultimately, self-love and confidence from within are key to feeling more feminine.


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