How Hirsutism Is Treated

When you've finally decided to do something about hirsutism, there are several options available.

This includes medications, surgeries, and even light treatments. While the costs of these procedures will vary, one thing is certain - hirsutism can be treated for less than it will cost to live with the condition.


Treatments for hirsutism include:


- birth control pills

- antiandrogen medications

- insulin sensitizers for PCOS sufferers



- electrolysis

- laser hair removal


Light treatments  for women suffering from hirsutism include:

- intense pulsed light therapy (IPL)


Antiandrogen for hirsutism

An antiandrogen is a medication that blocks the production of androgens (Male hormones) like testosterone.


How does an antiandrogen treat hirsutism?

These medications are effective in blocking the effects of male hormones.

When used to treat hirsutism, some patients may experience major hair loss on other parts of their body where skin and hair are exposed to testosterone.

However, antiandrogens are quite effective in slowing down the progression of hirsutism over time. Some well-known antiandrogens used to treat hirsutism include:

- Spironolactone (Aldactone)

- Flutamide (Euflex)

- Finasteride (Propecia / Proscar)


Electrolysis  to treat hirsutism

Electrolysis is a process where special needles are inserted into the hair follicles.

These needles destroy the growth center of the hair with an electric current before slowly dying off.

  • Electrolysis can be very painful and time-consuming for patients who have a large area to treat.
  • Electrolysis treatment is permanent and can help reduce the amount of hair growth in patients suffering from hirsutism.
  • Before choosing electrolysis, make sure that your doctor will offer a warranty for his or her work. It's also a good idea to ask how many electrolysis treatments you will need before you can expect your treatment

You can learn more about electrolysis here: Electrolysis Hair Removal - Everything You Need to Know


Laser hair removal for hirsutism

Laser hair removal is an effective way to treat hirsutism hair growth.

This is the most common method used to treat hirsutism and costs roughly $1,000 USD spread across 8 to 10 sessions.

Laser hair removal is more painful and costly than IPL and the opposite compared to electrolysis.

 You can learn more about laser hair removal for hirsutism here: Hirsutism Laser Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light therapy for hirsutism

IPL is a popular method for light treatment, and it's often used to treat hirsutism patients

Light therapy is considered an effective solution for treating hirsutism.

Light treatments can cost roughly $300 if done at home and include several sessions of treatment that usually last 20-30 minutes each time over the course of 12 weeks.

However, home treatments usually do not yield fast results since it's light output is weaker than that emitted by a laser but is virtually painless compared to the other options.

Professional light treatment is also effective when done by a doctor in a dermatologist's office but is costly.

During this process, patients will be given pain medication to reduce any discomfort they may feel during the treatment session.

Depending on your treatment plan, your doctor may cover your entire body or just certain areas like the upper lip, chin, armpits, and other parts of the body affected by hirsutism.


How do you get rid of hirsute?

However you decide to treat hirsutism, it's important that you take your time to weigh your options and know what you're getting into.

Remember to discuss the available hirsutism treatments with your doctor before making any decisions.

You should also remember that hirsutism is not curable, but it is manageable if you choose the right treatment for yourself.

Traits of an ideal hirsute treatment regimen would include least invasive, quick to produce results, and affordable.

Having said that, there are no ideal hirsute treatments on the market that fit all these criteria.

However, one treatment option might be better for you compared to others depending on your needs.








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