Can IPL help acne?

Yes, IPL can help acne. IPL treatments can clean up even the most severe forms of face acne and/or acne scars in just a few sessions.


The IPL treatment works in many ways to entirely treat acne prone skin.

Non-erosive polychromatic (many-colored) lights with a broad light spectrum blast bacteria, reducing active acne and improving superficial blemishes and redness.


The pulsed light penetrates numerous layers of skin and induces collagen synthesis deep within the skin to minimize scarring and inflammation.

The P. bacterium that produces inflammation on the skin is targeted by yellow and green light.


The red light concentrates on the hyperactive sebaceous glands that cause pimples. The light's heat encourages irritated sebaceous glands to shrink and the skin to recover from the inside out.


All in all, IPL can help alleviate acne and acne scarring with the powerful technology of the pulsed lights emitted into the skin.


This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy.


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