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Can I use IPL every day?

No, having IPL laser hair removal more frequently than suggested would not hasten the process of hair removal.

Treating the same area more than once in a single session will not improve efficacy and may cause skin irritation.


It's fair to want to get the results faster, but don't go overboard.

Unlike most things in life, more is not better in this case, and going beyond the recommended therapy will not only slow down hair loss but will also diminish your chances of seeing a positive result.

The goal is to time your treatments to coincide with your hair's natural growth cycle, allowing you to destroy hair follicles and stop hair from growing back.


All devices' instruction manuals will specify how long between IPL hair removal sessions should be.

When starting out with IPL for the first time, take it carefully for 3 or 4 sessions, leaving a 2 week break between treatments on your underarms and bikini areas and roughly 4 weeks on your legs (as these hairs have different growth cycles).


All in all, you should not use IPL every day. Also, if you wait any longer between sessions, the hair will recuperate and begin to grow back in earnest.

After the fourth session, though, you can be more forceful and apply the IPL product if you detect any hair growing back through until it completely stops.

This article was written by practitioner and skincare specialist Faiy. 


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