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Steps to Cover Beard With Makeup:


Step 1: Primer

  • Apply JeccaBlac's Blur & Matte Primer all over the face to provide a smooth base and blur beard stubble.
  • The matte finish is perfect for oil control which will provide a long-lasting base.

Step 2: Corrector

  • Use the 'Colour Correct' part of jeccablac's Correct & Conceal Palette to brighten any darker areas caused by beard shadow (you can also apply this to under-eye darkness).

Step 3: Concealer

  • Choose between the 'Concealer' part of JeccaBlac's Correct & Conceal Palette or opt for the Liquid Concealer!
  • JeccaBlac's cream-based Concealer in their Correct & Conceal Palette is very buildable and gives you a blendable, skin-like finish.
  • JeccaBlac's Liquid Concealers help to create a soft matte finish that is more full-coverage and is both long-lasting and transfer resistant!

Achieve a polished and professional look with JeccaBlac's line of Beard Cover Makeup. Give yourself the confidence you need with JeccaBlac's exclusive line of products.



If you are needing assistance with matching the best shade for you, we are always happy to help!

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