You Can “Pass” But NEVER Be Happy | MTF Transgender Essential Lessons

The journey of a transgender individual can be filled with many challenges, but also great personal growth. In a recent video “You can “Pass” but never be happy”, a transgender woman shared 5 essential lessons she learned in order to find happiness as a trans individual.

She started with an important disclaimer that if anyone is easily offended by the topic, they should stop watching. She made it clear these lessons are based on her personal experience and opinions, with the goal of educating others.


1. Your Goal Should Go Beyond Just Transitioning

Her first lesson was that your purpose in life needs to be more than just focused on transitioning from one gender to another. 

This includes goals beyond surgeries and other physical changes. While transitioning is an important part of many trans people's journeys, it should not be the only focus.

She advised creating a personal vision statement to find your bigger purpose and talents beyond transitioning. Know what you want in life as a whole person. 

What purpose were you made for? Find your talents, develop them, and share them. If transitioning is your only focus, you may still feel unfulfilled even after completing your goals.


2. Accept Yourself as a Transgender Individual

Her second lesson was about self-acceptance. She shared that it took her a long time to fully accept herself as transgender since she was put into categories she didn't belong in. 

She emphasized the importance of knowing you are an individual, not to compare yourself to others' transitions. Each person's journey is unique.


3. You Are Not a Sex Toy

Importantly, she reminded viewers that as a trans person, you are not a sex toy. She cautioned about the risk of being used by others solely for their sexual gratification. 

She advised demanding respect from those around you. Do not let anyone use or disrespect you.


4. There Are Alternatives to Sex Work

She also spoke candidly about falling into sex work herself at a young age, when she didn't know better. She does not recommend it, and wants others to know there are alternatives for financing transition needs. 

She suggested looking into grants, supportive employers with good insurance, and organizations like Point of Pride that help with transgender healthcare costs.


5. Live in the Present

Her final lesson was to live in the present moment, not stressed about the past or future.

She said to look back at each step in your transition as a memory and learning experience. The challenges you go through now will make you stronger. Stay positive and keep moving forward.

The video provided many real and resonant lessons for transgender individuals seeking self-acceptance and fulfillment.

While every journey is unique, the speaker offered universal advice for staying true to yourself, broadening your purpose, and demanding the respect you deserve. Her openness aims to educate and uplift.

You Can “Pass” But NEVER Be Happy: Summary

In conclusion, the video "You can 'Pass' but never be happy" by a transgender woman provides valuable lessons for transgender individuals seeking self-acceptance and fulfillment. 

The speaker emphasizes the importance of having a purpose beyond transitioning, accepting oneself as a transgender individual, not being used as a sex toy, exploring alternatives to sex work, and living in the present moment. 

These lessons are universal and can be applied to many transgender individuals' journeys. The video aims to educate and uplift, providing real and resonant lessons for those seeking self-acceptance and fulfillment.