8 Best Shaving Kits For Women | Buyers Guide

When choosing a women's shaving kit, you can consider things like:

  • Lubrication: A razor with wide lubrication strips can help prevent irritation, razor burn, and bumps.
  • Moisturizing strip: A moisturizing strip with ingredients like aloe vera or vitamin E can help soothe and protect the skin.
  • Blades: Single-blade disposables are more likely to drag against the skin, so refillable and disposable razors with three to five blades are better for hair removal, grip comfort, and maneuverability.

Here are some products to consider:

1. Billie Women's Razor Starter Kit

This razor is designed to float over the skin for an ultra-close, ultra-smooth shave. It has five sharp blades encased in aloe moisturizer to ensure smooth skin and protect against irritation.

Reviews note that it's safe and easy to use, and the colors are great. However, some say the waxy glow it leaves on the skin may not appeal to all users.

About this item

  • Product 1: WOMEN’S RAZOR KIT: A non-slip ergonomic handle, four 5-blade razor refills, and signature magnetic holder.
  • Product 1: 5 NICKEL-FREE BLADES: Super sharp and surrounded by aloe shave soap
  • Product 1: EASY & COMFORTABLE: Non-slip ergonomic handle with a pivoting head
  • Product 2: EXFOLIATING: Eco-friendly jojoba & castor oil beads buffers swirl away bumps & roughness.
  • Product 2: HYDRATING & SOOTHING: Aloe and shea butter leave your skin nourished, not dry.
  • Product 2: EXTRA PROTECTION: Nourishing oil blend keeps skin feeling soft.
  • Product 3: ULTRA-NOURISHING PROTECTION: Shea butter creates a protective barrier


2. Gillette Venus For Pubic Hair And Skin Womens Shaving Kit

1 Venus Handle, 2 Razor Blade Refills, 2 in 1 Cleanser And Shave Gel For Women 190ml

This kit contains a razor and refills that are designed to protect pubic skin from irritation and provide soothing moisture.

The razor refills have a precision trimmer on the back of the blades.

About this item

  • RAZOR: These razors have a patented Irritation Defense Bar for a smooth shave with blades that barely touch the skin. The razor has a small head and a precision trimmer on the back of the blades to help reach tricky areas
  • CLEANSER + SHAVE GEL: 2-in-1 shave gel that doubles as a daily gentle cleanser. 100% soap free, easy to apply and clean rinse
  • SOOTHING SERUM: Use the soothing moisturizer serum daily to help reduce itch (due to dry skin). Can be used after shaving, as well as between shaves
  • INCLUDES: 1 Razor Handle + 1 Blade Refill, our 2-in-1 Cleanser and Shave Gel, and our Daily Soothing Serum
  • GENTLE FORMULATION: Shave gel, cleanser and hydrating serum are made without parabens, dyes, fragrances or silicones
  • PH BALANCED for pubic skin. Dermatologist and Gynecologist tested


About this item

  • Includes 1 razor handle, 1 foaming shave gel, 1 daily moisturizer lotion, 1 shower hook, 1 razor cartridge
  • High-quality Flamingo Harry's Women razor with a flexible hinge for easy maneuvering
  • German-engineered five-blade cartridges for long-lasting performance
  • Hydrating shave gel for a close and irritation-free shave
  • A Thoughtful gift for special occasions or self-care treat Elevate your shaving routine with the Flamingo Razor Shave Essentials Gift Set.


4. Remington Wpg4050 Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini 5 Piece Groomer Kit

This kit includes all the attachments you need to look and feel your best.

It has a bikini trimmer and adjustable length guide that are perfect for quick touch-ups and shaping the bikini line.

It also has an angled foil shaver that gets you extra close, with a hypoallergenic foil to prevent skin irritation.

About this item

  • The Remington Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini trimmer gives you precise control for fast, comfortable touch-ups and hair removal on the bikini line.
  • Trim in or out of the shower for comfortable performance. The wet/dry design lets you find your ultimate comfort and convenience while shaving.
  • The cordless trimmer is easy to handle and operate. Powered by one AA battery (included).
  • With wet/dry, shower-safe performance, you can find the best grooming method for your routine for ultimate convenience.
  • This all in one tool gets silky smooth results with the angled foil shaver. It's perfect for use on sensitive skin. And the rotating exfoliator brush keeps skin radiant.

5. Schick Holiday Gift Set 

Give something different. In a good way. This holiday get the women on your list something different—something you know she'll enjoy and can use. 

About this item

  • LATHERS and MOISTURIZES during shaving --no need for soap, shave gel or body wash.
  • UNIQUE SKIN CONDITIONING SOLID enriched with Vitamin E and 100% natural Aloe for moisturizing sensitive skin during shaving. Also, Hypo-Allergenic and gentle on your skin.
  • FOUR BLADES that allow for a precise shave
  • PIVOTING HEAD that follows the contours of a woman's body to help minimize nicks and cuts


6. Swan Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit for Women

Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan Kit - For Women Designed for women but can be used by anyone, the new Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan delivers a complete shaving kit with everything you need to feel smooth and touchable all day long.

The main trimmer for general shaving, including your legs, underarms, and inner thighs. This precision trimmer for accurate detailing and trimming around are bikini.


7. Tend Skin Womens Shaving Kit For Razor Bumps Ingrown Hair Dark Spots

About this item

  • YOUR SKIN DESERVES THE BEST: Discover the new and advanced Tend Skin Women's Shaving Kit. The perfect way to achieve a flawless shaving experience.
  • NO MORE CUTS: The Tend Skin Magical After Shave Solution helps reduces the appearance of razor burns, bumps & ingrown hairs
  • LOOK GORGEOUS FOR DAYS: The easily spreadable women’s hair shaving gel will offer you maximum coverage, even in the most intimate parts, like the bikini area, legs and underarms.
  • SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: You will be amazed by your new shaving experience! The razor will seamlessly glide on your skin, removing all unwanted hair, while Tend Skin Post Shaving Solution & Brightoner Serum will add to a truly royal experience.
  • IT’S GOING TO BE YOUR LITTLE BEAUTY SECRET: You will impress everyone with your seductive skin, while your confidence will get an instant boost! Why spend another day with skin irritations and razor-bumps when you can enjoy unparalleled, professional shaving comfort and protection?

8. BIC Us 5 Blade Unisex Razor Starter Kit for Men and Women

About this item

  • SO LUX, LESS BUCKS: US razors from BIC is a premium unisex razor for both men and women, designed to shave your face and body.
  • GIVE YOU FIVE: 5 easy-to-rinse flexible blades provide an ultra-close shave on both fine and coarse hair.
  • SLIP INTO SOMETHING COMFORTABLE: Our lubrication strip is infused with aloe and vitamin E, giving you a smooth glide and less irritation.
  • GET A GRIP ON OUR HANDLE: A high-quality, non-slip metal handle with textured grip offers control at any angle. Pivoting head adapts to the contours of your body.
  • LIVE ON THE EDGE: Each razor has an edging blade that is ideal for precision shaving hard-to-reach areas (sideburns, under nose, bikini line).
  • Made with paper packaging that can be recycled



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