Why Trans Woman Mathilda Hogberg, Came Out Publicly on Social Media

Mathilda Hogberg is a transgender woman who built a large Instagram and YouTube following, garnering over 100,000 followers, without revealing to them that she is transgender.

She lived for years as a woman named Mathilda online, keeping her transgender identity private. However, after much reflection, Hogberg made the profound decision to publicly come out and share her story as a transgender woman with her audience.

This article will explore why trans woman Mathilda Hogberg came out publicly on social media. Hogberg's story provides insight into the challenges transgender people face and their desire to live authentic lives free from discrimination.


Seeking Normalcy After Enduring Bullying

In the YouTube video where she came out, Hogberg shares that her goal was simply to live a "normal life" as a woman named Mathilda. She did not want to be known as "the trans girl."

Hogberg describes a painful childhood and adolescence where she was severely bullied for being different, beginning at a very young age. She was called offensive names and even physically assaulted multiple times growing up.

When she transitioned as a teenager, many people in her small hometown already knew she was transgender.

To escape the bullying and judgment, Hogberg turned to the anonymity of the internet. She started posting photos on Instagram where no one knew her background or story. This allowed her to feel beautiful, gain confidence in her gender expression, and receive positive attention as a woman.

Over time, her social media presence became less about vain attention and more about genuinely pursuing her passion for photography, film, and media. Hogberg found joy in creating and sharing her work online as an outlet for self-expression.


Bravely Coming Out to Combat Hate and Stereotypes

After several years of keeping her transgender past private on social media, Hogberg made the incredibly brave decision to tell her followers the truth.

She saw a tremendous amount of hate, misinformation, and stereotyping of transgender people across the internet. This reality motivated her to share her personal story.

Hogberg discusses how she was very afraid to come out publicly online. But she realized that fear was exactly why she needed to do it - to help counteract the intense hatred and change people's perceptions, even if in a small way.

She explains, "I wanted to spread awareness that being transgender doesn't really have a face." Hogberg aims to challenge the mistaken stereotype that all transgender people inherently look and behave a certain way.

Her message is that transgender people have diverse lives and stories. They simply seek to live as their true authentic selves, just like anyone else.



By courageously sharing her deeply personal story as a transgender woman with the public, Hogberg demonstrated enormous bravery and resolve. She hopes to open minds, inspire others, combat hate through education, and live openly as her true self - as Mathilda.

Hogberg's journey reveals the universal human desires for safety, understanding, and freedom to express one's identity without judgment or constraint. It exemplifies the power of vulnerability and authentic self-expression.