What To Expect 2 Weeks After MTF Facial Feminization

If you are wondering about facial feminization surgery and its implications, this article will discuss what the results are like two weeks after the procedure.

Please note that each person’s outcomes would be different and would largely rely on your specific requirements from the surgery as well as your body’s healing capacity.

FFS can involve work done on just one area or around multiple regions such as lips, forehead, jaws, etc.


Firstly, it is important to understand that it is too early to assess the outcomes just two weeks after the surgery. Your body would require more time to heal and recover.

However, it is an adequate amount of time to start making your first impressions. Two weeks after the process, you may already have begun adapting to the changes you see on your face.

It is also likely that your perception of yourself might have started to alter each time you look at the mirror.

Many trans women report that the first change they’ve noticed is the shift in their relationship with the mirror. They are no longer as uncomfortable and their relationship has become more neutral right after the surgery.

If you are at this stage of your transitioning, it might help to take time out each day and make note of the small changes you have started seeing in the mirror.

Slowly, project positive affirmations onto these changes, since the objective of the surgery was to facilitate self-love and self-acceptance.

This particular step can help you pass when you look at a mirror and can go a long way in mitigating the dysphoria that first motivated you to undergo FFS. 

Physical change is just the first step. You need to start harboring mental and emotional shifts as well. It is important to manipulate and alter how you engage in self-talk. Each time you pass by a mirror, try to give a compliment to yourself.

How you see yourself will influence how you present yourself in a social setting and might be the primary factor determining whether you pass.   


If you find it hard to give yourself compliments, remind yourself that you are your biggest critic. Your friends and your family don’t even notice those features that you perceive as your flaws.

Facial feminization surgery is the best way to reset your self-perception, so make sure that you leverage it. Train your mind to be kind to yourself and point out all the positive changes that came from your FFS.


While you may not see the majority of changes within the first two weeks, it's never too early to initiate positive self-talk. Focus on complimenting your problem areas- tell yourself how FFS has worked to reduce the surface area of your forehead or plump up your lips.

If you start fighting this battle with your brain early on, by the time you completely recover from the surgery, you will be in love with yourself.   


This is also the stage where you can consciously try to stop seeing “him” each time you look in the mirror. As FFS feminizes your face, you can begin to build a relationship with the person who you always knew had existed, but is only now manifesting in the physical world. 


We hope this article has helped you set realistic expectations for FFS results merely two weeks after the procedure. In addition, we hope you now know how to train your mind to accept and love all the changes that FFS will bring forth. Good luck!! 

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