Types of Men Who Date Transgender Women

Dating a transgender woman can be complicated. Trans women interact with many different types of men, some who appreciate them for who they are and others who objectify them.

Here is an overview of the most common types of men who date transgender women.


The Chaser

The "chaser" specifically seeks out trans women because they are attracted to their "transness."

These men view trans women more as fetishes than equal romantic partners. They are interested in trans women primarily for their bodies and trans-related features. While some may still date trans women openly, it's best to avoid chasers if looking for substantive relationships.

Signs of a chaser include following many trans women on social media and focusing heavily on their trans-related features.


The Sexual Fetishist

Similar to the chaser, the sexual fetishist views trans women through a lens of exoticism and deviance. They are attracted to trans women because it satisfies a sexual curiosity or kink.

Fetishists are more interested in sexual exploration with trans women than emotional connection. Trans women are advised to avoid these types of interactions if seeking meaningful relationships.


The Experimenter

The experimenter dates trans women to compare them to cisgender women. They want to discover the differences between women who are transgender and those who are not.

Their curiosity is less about forming a substantive bond and more about analyzing an experience. Trans women should be wary of men who seem overly curious about their bodies in a clinical sense.


The Lover in Hiding

This type of man will be a caring, committed partner behind closed doors but conceal the relationship in public.

He treats his trans girlfriend wonderfully in private but refuses to introduce her to friends or family or go out in public together as a couple. He likely fears judgment and stigma.

Despite his loving private persona, his unwillingness to claim his partner publicly indicates he is likely not the best long-term match for a trans woman seeking true acceptance.

The "Prove It" Guy

Upon learning a woman is trans, this type of man will request she "prove" her trans status, often through inappropriate and invasive requests.

This provides a pretense for such men to view trans women's bodies while maintaining social credibility, saying that they were just making sure the woman was genuinely trans.

Trans women should never feel pressured to prove their status through exposure to their bodies or personal documents.


The Perfect Man

The ideal type of man for trans women is one who genuinely appreciates them as women and as partners. He cherishes intimacy just like any decent man would with a cisgender woman.

This type of man proudly introduces his trans partner to friends and family if the relationship grows. He respects trans women and acknowledges them as equal to cisgender women in all aspects of romantic partnership.

There are indeed understanding men out there who see trans women clearly and beautifully. Discovering them simply requires transgender women to value themselves highly and only accept partners who meet their standards, as difficult as that screening process may be.


In summary, trans women seeking fulfilling dating lives would do best to avoid chasers, fetishists, experimenters, and so on. Staying true to one's worth and being selective can help filter out undesirable partners as one continues the search for someone respectful.

The perfect man does exist, but it takes time and perseverance to find him. With resilience, transgender women can eventually find partners who genuinely embrace them.