Tucking Tips for Trans Women

Tucking can be challenging for trans women, especially early in transition. However, there are techniques to help create a smoother front profile. 

This guide covers three common tucking tips for trans women - double underwear, duct tape, and a homemade gaff.


Double Underwear Method

The double underwear method involves wearing two pairs of underwear to keep the testicles and penis securely in place.

You'll need two pairs of full-coverage underwear, preferably a boy short or brief style. Look for underwear with a wide back panel.

  • To start, pull the testicles up towards the stomach so they are inside the body rather than in the scrotum. Then, gently maneuver the penis backward between the buttocks.
  • Put on the first pair of underwear, holding the penis in place so it stays flush against the body. The wide back panel helps cover everything.
  • Next, put the second pair of underwear on top, again keeping the penis securely tucked. Pull both pairs up for a tighter fit.
  • This creates a smooth front profile. For swimming suits, tug the leg openings of the underwear towards the buttocks to create a thong effect. This prevents panty lines.


Duct Tape Method

While less comfortable, duct tape provides an extremely secure tuck. It flattens the genitals very close to the body.

  • You'll need three strips of duct tape, about 8 to 10 inches long each.
  • As before, start by pulling the testicles upward and positioning the penis backward.
  • Place one piece of tape low on the stomach, pressing firmly to hold everything in place.
  • Add the second strip, overlapping the first piece by about half and pressing to adhere it to the skin. Do the same with the third piece, overlapping the second strip.

The duct tape trifecta creates strong compression to keep the tuck intact. Duct tape works well for very fitted clothing, like bathing suits. Just beware that removing the tape can be painful.


Homemade Gaff

A gaff is an undergarment used to hold the genitals in place for cross-dressing or transitioning. Making your own gaff is inexpensive.

Supplies needed:

  • A sock - An over-the-knee style works best
  • Elastic cord or string - Measure your waist size and cut accordingly
The process looks like this:
  1. First, cut the foot portion off the sock so you only have the tubular leg portion remaining.
  2. Next, tie the elastic cord into a circle - this will serve as the waistband. Tie it securely so it doesn't come undone.
  3. Step into the sock and pull it up so the top is positioned right below your belly button.
  4. Reach down between your legs, pull the testicles forward into the gaff, and position the penis backward toward the buttocks. The sock holds everything in place.
  5. Adjust the elastic waistband so it's comfortable but snug enough to prevent rolling or shifting.

It may take some trial and error to get the size right. But once you have your gaff fitted properly, it creates a smooth, tucked look.



Tucking can be tricky, but using the right techniques makes a dramatic difference in your outward appearance. Experiment to find which option - underwear, taping, or a homemade gaff - works best for your needs. With a little practice, you'll master the art of tucking.