Transgender Woman Shares HRT Update After Starting Progesterone

Nofar Morali is a 22-year-old transgender woman from Israel who shares her experiences through her YouTube channel. In one of her YouTube videos, she provides an update on her hormone replacement therapy (HRT) journey after being on estrogen for 5.5 years and recently starting progesterone.

So, let’s explore how transgender women share HRT updates after starting progesterone.


Switching From Estrogen Patches Back to Pills

Morali had previously switched from taking estrogen pills to using estrogen patches but found the patches did not maintain her estrogen levels as well. She lost breast volume, had increased libido, and felt more dysphoric.

After 4-5 months on the patches, she has now switched back to taking 6mg of estrogen pills daily, the highest prescribable dose. Since resuming the pills, her breast size has returned, her libido has decreased again, and she generally feels better.

She clarifies that estrogen patches can still be effective for many, but individuals respond differently. For her personally, the pills have proven more effective than the patches.


Starting Progesterone After 5.5 Years on Estrogen

After being on estrogen for 5.5 years and achieving maximum breast growth, Morali was able to start progesterone. Progesterone is often introduced later in transition after estrogen has fully feminized the body.

She started with a low-dose progesterone pill of 100mg nightly. In the first month, she experienced strong side effects of feeling high or drunk for about an hour after taking it. This has since diminished as her body has adjusted.

The most noticeable effects so far are improved sleep, a fuller and rounder breast shape, and significant mood swings. She has more dysphoria some days but feels better when dressing femininely. She plans to persist with the progesterone for another month to see its full effects.


Reflecting on Feminizing Effects of HRT

After 5.5 years on hormones, Morali is very happy with the physical feminization. She has full breast growth, a feminine figure with muscle tone, and positive changes to her face. She credits hormones and regular workouts.

While satisfied currently, she welcomes any additional changes from continued HRT over the years ahead. She remains grateful for the transition her body has undergone so far.

Sharing her experiences openly aims to educate others on transgender HRT transitions. As changes emerge, she intends to provide more updates on her journey.

Transgender Woman Shares HRT Update After Starting Progesterone: Conclusion

In conclusion, Nofar Morali's experience of sharing her HRT updates after starting progesterone highlights the importance of individualized treatment and the ongoing evolution of HRT for transgender individuals. 

While estrogen patches may be effective for some, others may find that pills are more suitable for their needs. Progesterone can also bring about significant changes in the body, and Morali's experience of improved sleep, fuller breasts, and mood swings is a testament to its potential benefits. 

As Morali continues her journey, her openness to sharing her experiences serves as a valuable resource for others who may be considering or undergoing HRT.