Transgender Woman Shares Her Transition Journey - Lessons Learned

Mathilda Hogberg is a transgender woman who has been very open about her transition, including complications from gender confirmation surgery. In a video, transgender woman shares her transition journey - lessons learned and regrets. She shares openly about regrets from her transition journey as well as lessons she's learned along the way.


Realized Her True Identity at 15

Hogberg first realized she was transgender at around age 15 after seeing a documentary that discussed what it means to be trans.

This was a pivotal moment for her because it finally helped her understand and put words to the feeling that something wasn't right, which she had felt for a long time.

Though coming out and having a name for her identity was a relief, it was also traumatic to begin processing what her transness meant for her life. Still, she is grateful this self-discovery forced her to mature quickly and shaped her into the strong person she is today.


Didn't Push for Faster Transition

Once Hogberg came out to her supportive mother, she began seeing a therapist to work through her transition. However, her biggest regret is not advocating more strongly for herself to start hormones and transition sooner.

Though she faithfully attended therapy sessions, she was passive about the timeline instead of speaking up about what she truly wanted and needed. In retrospect, she wishes she had firmly told her providers that she wanted to begin medically transitioning right away rather than going with the flow.

Starting hormones before experiencing male puberty could have mitigated much of her dysphoria.


Lacked Understanding of SRS Complications

Another significant regret for Hogberg is not educating herself fully about the potential complications of gender confirmation surgery. Though her surgeons reviewed the common short-term risks, she wishes she had asked more questions to understand the lifelong implications.

When Hogberg ran into issues years after her procedure, she didn't know these were abnormal complications. As a result, she suffered for a long time before seeking help.

If she had known more about the range of possible complications, she may have recognized her symptoms and pursued treatment sooner. This highlights the importance of being an advocate and asking all the questions.


Her Message: Focus on Self-Love and the Future

Despite her regrets, Hogberg's outlook now focuses on self-love, self-care, and making the most of her future. Though dysphoria still hits sometimes when she looks in the mirror, she practices affirmations and is determined not to waste time being unhappy.

While parts of being trans are understandably traumatic, Hogberg chooses to appreciate how overcoming adversity has helped her grow. She loves her life, her fiancé, her friends, and her trans community.

Transitioning enabled her to become her true self. Though she can't go back and change things, she can control how she moves forward.


Hogberg's vulnerability in sharing her journey, including painful regrets, provides an insightful window into one trans woman's lived experience. Her openness can help others feel less alone and prompt meaningful conversations around advocacy, complications, and focusing on the light ahead.

Though there are always lessons we wish we knew earlier, Hogberg models resilience, self-love, and wisdom gained through her ongoing transition.