A Trans Woman Candidly Shares Her Transition Experience: FAQ

Mathilda Hogberg is a popular transgender YouTuber who documents her personal journey of transitioning from male to female. In this insightful video, Answering Your Questions: A Trans Woman Candidly Shares Her Transition Experience—she responds to numerous questions submitted by viewers, offering a raw and uncensored glimpse into the realities of life as a trans woman.


On Attraction and Dating as a Trans Woman

A common question Mathilda receives is whether straight men who are attracted to trans women are still considered straight. 

She definitively affirms that attraction to transgender women aligns with heterosexuality, stating plainly that she possesses female sex characteristics that heterosexual males are drawn to. 

According to Mathilda, interest in transgender women in no way contradicts or invalidates a man's heterosexuality. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing trans women as the women they are.


Hormones and Medical Transition: Understanding the Risks

Mathilda switched from oral estrogen pills to topical estrogen gels due to the potential liver effects of taking estrogen orally long-term. She highlights that an increased risk of breast cancer is a known side effect of taking supplemental estrogen. 

Mathilda is candid in sharing that her bottom surgery was one of the most challenging parts of her medical transition. The recovery was difficult both physically and emotionally.

From initially realizing she was transgender at 15 to ultimately getting gender affirmation bottom surgery at 19, Mathilda's journey took approximately 4.5 years from start to finish. 

Her transparency provides an invaluable perspective on what the medical transition process is really like for a trans person.


The Difficulties of Social Transition: Fear of Coming Out

According to Mathilda, coming out to friends and family as transgender was the most difficult part of her entire transition. While she now feels comfortable openly sharing her trans identity, it was initially terrifying to reveal this deeply personal truth to those closest to her and the world at large. 

An early watershed moment was when a stranger correctly addressed her as ma'am, validating her gender identity and womanhood in a profound way. Her story highlights the fear and vulnerability transgender people often feel coming out.


Life Goals and Finding Inner Happiness

When asked about her ultimate dreams in life, Mathilda gives a touching and relatable answer: she simply wants to live a happy, carefree existence with her boyfriend. 

She doesn't aspire to fame or riches, just the ability to live authentically and fully as herself, without financial constraints or stress. For Mathilda, the deepest fulfillment comes not from external validation but from inner peace and freedom to be her true self.


Connecting with Fans: The Double-Edged Sword of Fame

Mathilda has enjoyed occasional positive encounters with viewers who recognize her in public. However, she explains that while live streams allow her to engage in real-time with fans, they tend to hurt her channel's overall performance. 

This highlights the difficult balance influencers face between building subscribers and maintaining authentic connections.

For now, Mathilda has chosen to forgo live streams to focus on content but remains open to revisiting them. Her transparency provides rare insight into the challenges of being an influencer.



By boldly opening up about her personal experiences, Mathilda provides inspiration and support for others on similar journeys. Her willingness to tackle tough questions head-on offers rare wisdom and perspective for anyone struggling to embrace their true selves. Mathilda's story conveys a message of courage, empathy, and hope.