MTF Transgender Regret: 5 Things to Know Before Your Transition

Transitioning from male to female (MTF) can be an exciting yet challenging journey. While many trans women report increased happiness after transitioning, the process also comes with difficulties.

In this article, a trans woman shares the top 5 things to know before your transition. Understanding both the positives and potential pitfalls can help trans individuals make informed decisions about their transition.


1. Transitioning Earlier Leads to Greater Happiness

One of the biggest regrets expressed is not starting the transition process sooner. Many trans people wait due to fear of judgment or lack of support. 

However, transitioning earlier in life is linked to greater mental health and life satisfaction. 

Rather than focus on potential barriers, have courage and begin the transition journey as soon as it feels right. Happiness and self-love await.


2. Build a Strong Support System

Having a robust support system is crucial prior to and during the transition. This includes supportive friends, family, medical providers, and counselors. 

A strong support network helps buffer the challenges of transitioning in a sometimes transphobic society. 

It also reduces the risk of depression and suicidal ideation, which are higher among trans youth lacking support. Take time to cultivate loving relationships.


3. Only Use Doctor-Prescribed Hormones

Illegally obtained hormones can seriously harm health. Trans women often feel desperate to feminize their bodies. 

However, taking hormones without medical supervision can lead to organ damage or death. Instead, find an experienced doctor to monitor hormones at safe levels. Though the process takes longer, it protects long-term health.


4. Consider Freezing Sperm

For those planning a full surgical transition, freezing sperm can allow for future genetic children. In the excitement of transition, people often overlook fertility. 

However, reproductive goals can change over time. Freezing sperm maintains options without obligation. Take time to consider wants around having a biological family.


5. Vet Gender Confirmation Surgeons Thoroughly

Choosing the right surgeon is imperative for a safe, satisfying surgical transition. Conduct extensive research and consultations to find a skilled, experienced provider. 

Patients should feel confident discussing anatomy, reviewing photos of past work, and understanding surgical techniques. Though arduous, vetting avoids post-op complications or the need for revision surgery due to subpar surgical skills. Invest time to get this pivotal decision right.

In summary, trans women considering MTF transition should reflect deeply on their motivations, build community support, work with knowledgeable doctors, plan fertility options, and carefully select surgeons. 

While challenging, most who thoughtfully undertake the journey toward living as their authentic selves report it as profoundly life-enhancing. Listen to one's heart, then transition wisely and courageously.

Things to Know Before Your Transition: Summary

In conclusion, transitioning from male to female (MTF) can be a challenging but rewarding journey.

It is important for trans women to reflect deeply on their motivations, build a strong support system, use doctor-prescribed hormones, consider freezing sperm, and vet gender confirmation surgeons thoroughly. 

By taking these steps, trans women can increase their chances of a successful and fulfilling transition.

It is also important to remember that transitioning earlier in life is linked to greater mental health and life satisfaction, and that having a supportive network can help buffer the challenges of transitioning in a sometimes transphobic society. 

With courage and determination, trans women can live as their authentic selves and find happiness and self-love.