The Dangers of Estrogen Pills for Transgender Hormone Therapy

Transitioning from male to female requires hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This involves taking estrogen and testosterone blockers to develop female secondary sex characteristics. Estrogen can be administered in various forms like injections, gels, and pills.

However, estrogen pills come with serious health risks and should be avoided. So, let's take a look at the dangers of estrogen pills for transgender hormone therapy.


Why Estrogen Pills Are Not Recommended

Estrogen pills are the most unnatural method of administering estrogen. In biological females, estrogen is produced in the ovaries and absorbed into the bloodstream. But with pills, estrogen goes straight into the blood without being processed by the liver first.

The liver is not designed to store large amounts of estrogen-like the female body does. Taking estrogen pills long-term can potentially damage the liver.

After being on HRT estrogen pills for 1-2 years, doctors often recommend transitioning to gels or injections instead.


Safer Alternatives to Estrogen Pills

Transdermal gels applied to the skin are a much safer estrogen option. The estrogen gets absorbed similar to how a female body would naturally absorb and store estrogen.

Popular gels like Diva Gel are frequently prescribed to transgender women for long-term feminizing hormone therapy.

Estrogen injections administered every 1-2 weeks are another alternative with minimal liver impact.


Illegally Obtaining Someone Else's Estrogen is Dangerous

It's important to obtain estrogen legally through a licensed medical provider only. Taking random estrogen pills not prescribed to you can be extremely dangerous. The dosage and your health needs are unknown. Blindly taking hormones could lead to complications like blood clots.

Always consult an endocrinologist experienced in transgender HRT before starting to feminize hormones. They will prescribe the safest estrogen regimen tailored for you. While patience is required, transitioning safely is crucial.


Key Takeaways

  • Estrogen pills are hard on the liver and not ideal for long-term use. Consider switching to gels or injections after 1-2 years maximum.
  • Work with a doctor to obtain hormones legally and safely. Never take random estrogen pills not prescribed to you.
  • Estrogen gels and injections are safer long-term options that better mimic the natural absorption of estrogen in the body.
  • While transition takes time, be patient and do it safely under medical supervision. Your health is most important.